Choosing Healthy Foods with Healthy Eating Menu

By | December 3, 2008

Healthy Diet to Lose Weight

My height is 5 ft 2 inches and my current weight is about 74 kg. Please guide me to choose foods wisely while eating out (in restaurants). I’m a non vegetarian.

Hi! Your ideal body weight is around 55 kg. You need to be careful, as you are much above the desired level. There is inadequate information regarding your age, gender and physical activity. You have specifically mentioned about eating out. Are you forced to eat out or do you do it at your will? The first advice is to try eating at home, as it is the safest place to eat, from the angles of hygiene, quality and nutrition. It is cost effective and saves your system from unwanted problems. The main disadvantage of eating out is the difficulty of meeting with restricted quantity. Eat out once a while, but eat wisely. The choice of right kind of foods is important, especially while eating out. Animal foods needs special concern, as improper cooking causes various health hazards.

Animal foods are cooked in rich gravies with lots of fat, in addition to the invisible fat in them. Margarine, butter and lard are the various saturated fats, which are commonly used in restaurants. Red meat and processed meat, in the form of sausages, luncheon meats and bacon are not recommended, as they are loaded with salts and marbled with fat. Lean meat is a good substitute for red meat. Egg is a good source of high quality protein and is preferred in the poached, boiled or scrambled form. Bull’s eye is good, though yolk contributes to high levels of cholesterol. Fish is a good source of protein and is beneficial, owing to the omega 3 fatty acids.  But, they are generally deep fried in restaurants, to enhance the flavor and taste, which results in weight gain. Certain methods of cooking that proves beneficial are steaming, grilling, poaching, boiling and micro waving.

Healthy Eating Nutrition

Crisps, chicken nuggets, potato wafers, French fries and so on contribute to a hell lot of calories. Salads served with meals are good appetite suppressants, as they provide dietary fiber. Though soups are appetizers, they are loaded with salt. They are generally not low calorie foods, as they are thickened with various flours and other thickeners, which increase the calorie of the meals. Certain cream dips used for pizzas and breads are an excellent source of cheese and butter. Beware of them!

Limit your intake, by opting for smaller plates. Do not go in for second servings. Desserts are the main culprits in outdoor eating! They are abundant in fats and calories, though highly appetizing! Do not give your mind for ‘prestige and self esteem’. Do not eat for your friends and others. Eat for yourself, as you have to face the consequences. Eat out with individuals who are self restrained and might help you achieve your goal of ‘healthy eating’.