Aloe Vera Leaf And Aloe Vera Gel Extract Benefits

By | February 19, 2009

Health Benefits Of Aloe Vera And Aloe Vera Gel Extract

Aloe vera has various health benefits. Can I extract the sap from aloe vera and drink it without mixing or processing it to juice?

A thick fleshy plant which finds its origins in North Africa, Aloe Vera is a plant that has been long acknowledged for its healing properties and for its amazing capacity to moisturize, protect and regenerate life. There are currently many researches being conducted to establish the beneficial properties of Aloe Vera. As a cellular regenerator with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, Aloe Vera is used to treat a wide range of problems. Its high content of magnesium lactate makes it ideal for treating sunburns, rashes, insect bites and a host of skin problems.

Aloe Vera Extract Health Benefits

It has also been known to act as a natural laxative and destroy parasites and bacteria present in the intestines thus treating digestive problems. Yet another research has found links between the application of the gel of the Aloe Vera plant and reduction of inflammation and discomfort caused by the presence of fungi and bacteria. It has been found to help in reducing the accumulation of fluids in the system and reduce pain. Patients of periodontal surgery have benefited from the application of Aloe Vera gal. Other researches conducted on rats have shown links between the consumption of Aloe Vera and lowered rates of occurrence of diseases such as leukemia and arterial thrombosis. Aloe Vera has thus been incorporated widely by those who practice alternative medicine.

When you wan to use Aloe Vera to treat a skin problem, it is generally recommended to apply the gel or juice of the plant directly on the affected area. You can merely cut a piece of the flesh leaf of the plant, peel away the upper layer and apply the gel inside on the affected part of the skin. The yellow sap from the base of the leaf is recommended for treating chronic constipation and other digestive problems. However pregnant women should take precautions while consuming Aloe Vera without consulting the doctor first. You can consume Aloe Vera in many forms – there are several products available in the market with Aloe Vera.

Apart from creams for the skin and shampoos with Aloe Vera content, there are many juices and gels available in the market and even yoghurts with Aloe Vera content. In some countries you can even get Aloe Vera capsules which you can swallow daily. You can either purchase these products or consume the gel or juice of the plant unadulterated, especially since it is easy to grow an Aloe Vera plant in the house in a frost-free environment.