3 Day Diet Weight Loss Program and 3 Day Diet Information

By | December 3, 2008

3 Day Vegetarian Diet Information

The three day diet plan is a diet plan for weight loss. It is a form of ‘yo-yo’ dieting for three days. It is a fad diet, which proves useful for short term loss of extra pounds. It is a simple low calorie diet plan, which results in weight loss. The risk of weight gain is high, after the diet plan. It promises ten pound weight loss, which happens actually due to water loss. Fat is not lost by this regimen. Though the diet promises cholesterol reduction, enhancement in energy levels and weight loss, there is no supportive literature. Under eating or over eating is not allowed in this plan. There is no recommendation regarding exercise. Repetition of this plan with a break of four to five days of normal eating is recommended.

3 Day Diet Recipes

The EXACT meal plan goes as follows:

Day 1

Breakfast items include a toast with peanut butter, a cup of coffee with half a grapefruit. Lunch includes a slice of toast with a cup of coffee or tea. Half a cup of tuna is also taken. A cup each of carrot, green beans and vanilla ice cream with three ounces of lean meat, a medium apple and black coffee comprises dinner.

Day 2

Include a toast with an egg, banana and a cup of coffee for breakfast. Five saltine crackers with a cup of tuna or cottage cheese and a cup of black coffee are for lunch. Dinner comprises of half a cup each of vanilla ice cream and carrot, a cup each of broccoli and banana, with two hot dogs or beef franks and a cup of black coffee.

Day 3

Include an apple, a slice of cheddar cheese, five saltine crackers and a cup of black coffee for breakfast. A toast slice with a hard boiled egg and a cup of black coffee is for lunch. Dinner comprises of a cup each of melon, tuna, cauliflower and carrot, half a cup of vanilla ice cream and a cup of black coffee. Certain condiments that are allowed in this diet plan are mustard, cooking spray, lemon and a dash of pepper or salt.

Some of the replacements that are common in this diet regimen are:

  • Cottage cheese for tuna and tuna for cottage cheese
  • Beans for cauliflower or broccoli
  • Five crackers for toast and vice versa
  • Orange for grapefruit
  • Broccoli for cauliflower and vice versa
  • Beets for carrots and
  • Frozen yoghurt for ice cream