Spartan Nutrition And Detox Diet Regimen

By | January 22, 2009

Spartan Diet And Healthy Food Habits

Spartan diet incorporates healthy fruit diet. Please provide me information regarding the same. Is it a recommended diet practice?

The Spartan diet is a calorie restriction technique, which aids in shedding the extra pounds. It is recommended to follow such diets, under the guidance of a physician. This diet provides complete nutrition, by cutting down on the calories. The basic principles of the Spartan diet are:

  • Identify the difference between the feelings of ‘satisfaction’ and ‘fullness’. Stop eating at the stage, where it is between the two stages of fullness and satisfaction.
  • Three meals are allowed on an everyday basis, with a whole fruit to snack between meals. The fruits are raw and fresh.
  • The hunger, which erupts, in between meals has to be targeted. Hunger prior to lunch is slightly uncommon, due to heavy breakfast. Try to reduce the breakfast or exercise between the two meals.

Eating Healthy Foods

The Spartan diet is a comprehensive approach, which makes use of modern research and ancient tradition, in a proper blend. It not only provides weight loss, but also focuses on strength, mental toughness, health and endurance. The basic cause of poor health, which is the excess fat, is addressed by the Spartan diet. The causes of fat are identified to be cultural obsession, convenience, poor priorities and industrialization of food. Spartan diet includes vegetables, fruits, grains, berries and nuts. Individuals on Spartan diet calculate every calorie that is consumed. They also weight the foods, prior to consumption and track the nutrients with a simple software program.

  • Abstain from refined foods, such as refined sugar and refined flour.
  • Fruits are an integral part of the Spartan diet, especially, till the lunch. Opt for vegetables with every protein meal and vice versa.
  • Raw foods such as raw veggies and fresh uncooked fruits are of great preference.
  • Restrict the intake of salt in the diet.
  • Lean protein, in the form of lean meat, fish and egg white are allowed. Multivitamin supplements prove beneficial, thereby avoiding any kind of deficiency.

Hunger is a natural inherent feeling, which is seen to arise in everybody. Give a break to the digestive system, once in a while, as it also helps in the formation of muscle mass. The hunger associated with Spartan diet is not very intense. It is much unlike the kind of hunger, which is seen with junk food consumption. The latter fails to provide enough nutrients, and the body is aware of the same. This in turn results in a tension mode, which results in greater pangs of hunger, which is maddening and severe.