Rice Diet – Can Rice Be A Staple Food?

By | May 18, 2009

Brown Rice Detox Diet For Rice Diet Program

Rice is a staple food for people of several cultures and countries. It is an important part of meals and can be prepared in various ways using spices, meats, lentils and vegetables. Interestingly, rice is also incorporated in a diet – the Rice Diet that has been designed for rapid weight loss and for treating renal disease, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

The Rice Diet: This diet was designed on the principle that people who used rice as their staple food rarely suffered from health problems like diabetes and hypertension. So the designers for this rice diet included iron supplements, vitamins, sugar, juices and fruit along with rice in the diet to help people cope with these health problems.

Rice Diet Solution

People who participate in this program begin with a limited menu and then choose from an assortment of food items like legumes, fish, grains, vegetables and fresh fruits. Rice is the staple food in this diet and the person can choose from a variety of rice.

Rice as a staple: Rice is a cereal like rye, wheat, and millet, and the grains are used as food. Rice is a staple food in countries like Africa, South East Asia, and America. It is prepared in various ways in various countries. Often, rice is combined with vegetables, meat, spices and raisins to increase its taste and nutritional value.

Rice is part of a group of grains that are known as complex carbohydrates that provide the body with the energy needed for physical activities. Rice also has some proteins that is good for muscle function and is free from cholesterol. Rice also contains thiamine, Niacin and vitamin E that is good for the digestive system and for a healthy nervous system.

While there are quite a few varieties of rice in the world, un-milled rice is known to be the most nutritious. When the rice is milled, it removes the layers of bran and husk that have a lot of vitamins and minerals as well as fiber content.

Brown rice is known to be very healthy and nutritious as the endosperm and bran layer has been left intact. The bran gives a nutty flavor to the rice and is rich in fibre. However, brown rice takes longer to cook and you may need to refrigerate this rice as brown rice can become stale quickly. Nutritious and tasty, the preparations that can be made from rice may serve as a complete meal.