Psoriasis Remedies And Benefits Of Milk Thistle

By | December 10, 2008

Psoriasis Diet And Cure For Psoriasis

Should people having psoriasis avoid drinking milk?

There are a number of reports that indicate that avoiding the consumption of milk helps to treat psoriasis. However there is no substantial or scientific study done to prove this theory. Some people may find relief in adopting a gluten and milk free diet; however it is not necessary that the same is applicable to all patients who experience psoriasis. Psoriasis affects at least 2 percent of the population and no single person finds relief from a particular therapy. A combination of various therapies ranging from bilogical to systemic therapies is used in controlling and treating psoriasis. Diet does play a role but once again, there is so scientific proof that it helps in the control of the disease. You may or may not find relief by avoiding milk, which is a subjective issue and differs from person to person affected by the skin ailment.

However you can find relief through the help of herbal preparations or safe dietary supplements as recommended by the National Foundation for Psoriasis. In accordance with your health care provider check out various options including evening primrose oil, omega – 3 fatty acid supplements, Milk thistle, oregano oil, Shark cartilage and turmeric. Anecdotal studies reveal that a diet contributed to with evening primrose oil is likely to prove useful in treating psoriasis. Evening primrose oil works effectively as a topical product and most dermatologists in fact recommend the use of this supplement for certain skin ailments. Fish oil and flaxseed oil are known to have a host of encouraging effects on both the cardiovascular and defense mechanisms in the body.

Milk Thistle Diet And Psoriasis Treatment

Some studies show much improvement in mild to moderate psoriasis with the administration of fish oil supplements. Herbalists recommend the use of St. John’s wort, milk thistle, oregano oil, shark cartilage, and turmeric in the effective treatment of psoriasis. While St john’s wort is yet to be tested for efficacy in treating psoriasis, milk thistle has been found to achieve promising results. Herbal experts believe that milk thistle inhibits human T-cell stimulation, which is one of the factors that cause psoriasis.

Milk thistle products can be purchased at health food stores in tablet or fluid extract form. However milk thistle is contradictory in the presence of antipsychotic drugs or male hormonal replacement therapy. Very few untoward reactions have been reported with the intake of milk thistle supplements, such as brief gastrointestinal disruptions and mild allergic responses.