Juice Therapy For Pregnancy And Pregnancy Nutrition

By | June 8, 2009

Juice Detoxification Diet And Herbal Juice Therapy

Juice therapy can be used during pregnancy to help keep the system clean and to provide many of the necessary nutrients to mother and child that the daily diet does not provide. Juice therapy is usually combined with juice fasts, where a juice-only diet is consumed. However, these juice fasts are not recommended during pregnancy, as juices do not have proteins and fats, and have very few calories. All these are needed for the healthy growth of the baby. Instead of juice fasts, fresh fruit juices can be added to diet, to supplement the nutritional requirements.

Pregnancy And Healthy Juice Diet

Juices have a rejuvenating effect on the body, as they stir up toxins and wash them out. Because of this, the assimilative organs, including the kidneys and skin gets rest. Fresh juices themselves possess many medicinal properties, and different juices can be taken according to the mother’s requirements.

While the fruits and vegetables that these juices come from have the same beneficial qualities, juices are absorbed very easily by the body. They do not have to go through the digestive system, but can be directly absorbed by the blood stream. Juices are rich in minerals, essential vitamins, natural sugars, and trace elements which are very important for a healthy baby. Juices can also be used to get rid of many illnesses and conditions like acidity.

Before undergoing juice therapy, be sure to consult a skilled naturopath, especially if you are pregnant. Some precautions need to be taken while consuming these juices. The juices should be freshly squeezed, and not stored in the refrigerator. This is because fresh juices have a tendency to oxidize very fast, and this can render them drained off their essential vitamins and minerals. Also, do not use packaged juices, as their ingredients differ quite vastly from freshly squeezed juices. Remember to also wash fruits and vegetables well to get rid of the harmful pesticides. Sweet juices may be diluted in water before consuming. Also, fruit and vegetable juices should not be taken together, as they have different effects and work quite differently.

Different juices have different properties. The juice of Papaya should be avoided during pregnancy, especially during the initial trimesters. Orange, lemon and pomegranate can be consumed for high Blood Pressure. Similarly, Indian Gooseberry and carrot juice can be had by asthmatic patients. Lemon juice, though simple to prepare, is a very useful juice. It is loaded with vitamin C, and its alkaline elements help to normalise the body’s acid-alkaline balance. Juices like guava, sweet lime and apple help to ease constipation, which many expectant mothers suffer from. Spinach juice helps to aide digestion.

Remember that you have plenty of juices, but you should not consume juices at the cost of regular, wholesome food!