Information About Cancer And Cancer Causing Foods

By | December 23, 2008

Cancer Causing Diet And List Of Cancer Causing Foods

Certain foods denature in the stomach, after ingestion and produces mutagenic particles. It is difficult for the system to break down such particles, thereby resulting in the proliferation of these free radicals and results in degenerative diseases, such as cancer. Antioxidants act as scavengers in the elimination of free radicals. Absence of antioxidants in the diet results in complications. Vegetables are less mutagenic and are less capable of resulting in cancer. Raw fruits and fresh vegetables with whole grains alleviate the risk of cancer. Mollusks, sea fish and egg are the main culprits. Refined foods such as refined flour and refined sugar are not recommended, as it increases the blood glucose levels. This in turn helps in the proliferation of the cancerous cells. Fried potato crisps and fried sweets, such as doughnuts are equally harmful. Use fats in a careful manner! Acryl amide is the by product of frying foods. Trans fats are harmful and affects the heart. It also helps in providing a good environment for the cancerous cells.

Cancer Information And Foods That Cause Cancer

Many of the preservatives and additives, used in daily cuisine are notorious, as they are causative factors for cancer. Many foods with high levels of preservatives are unhealthy and unsafe for human consumption. Artificial colors are an essential part of daily cooking and majority of the commercially available food products. Coal tar is the substance from which, many artificial colors are derived. Coal tar is a carcinogen. Many other colors also result in allergic reactions and thereby prove harmful. Acesulfame or sunnette is an artificial sweetener, which is commonly used by diabetics. It is also referred to as acesulfame-potassium. It has proven to cause cancer in animals.

Nitrites and nitrates in processed meats, in combination with food chemicals and stomach acids result in the production of nitrosamines. The latter is a potent carcinogen. Butylated hydroxy anisole (BHA) and Butylated hydroxy toluene (BHT) are certain chemicals that play a vital role in the food industry, as stabilizer, antioxidant or preservative. These are carcinogens that affect the liver and kidney. BHT also forms carcinogens, in combination to other substances, which are a part of the diet. Sodium nitrite is a preservative used in cheese and beer. It is converted to nitrosamine, which is carcinogen. Chips and crackers with preservatives are at times are dangerous. Carragenan is derived from seaweed. It breaks down in the intestine and is seen to have a carcinogenic effect.