Horse Radish Health Benefits And Nutrition Facts

By | May 18, 2009

Horse Radish Information And Health Benefits Of Horse Radish

Horse radish can be made into a tangy sauce by shredding as well as pounding it and mixing it with lemon juice. Eat this sauce to cure your cold and sinus infection and for several other health benefits.

Horse Radish Can Do A World Of Good For Your Health?

A sinus infection can be irksome and annoying, but consuming horseradish can provide relief from the symptoms of a sinus infection. If you make some horse radish sauce and eat it first thing in the morning, then the pungent taste of the radish will work like a charm and clear the congestion from mucus.

You can complement this treatment by drinking fresh juices of carrot as well as the leaves and root of the radish as these will rebuild the body tissues that have been damaged by the sinus infection. Eat a well-balanced diet to give yourself a nutritional boost.

Horse radish is known to cure dropsy or water retention. This happens because the radish has a stimulating effect on the capillaries. Radish has a therapeutic element, a glycoside in it that is called sinigrin.

Horseradish is rich in vitamin C; in fact it is believed that this radish has the highest concentration of vitamin C amongst all vegetables. It is also rich in calcium, sulfur and potassium. Horse radish is also used to treat diabetes, for catarrh, and for treating circulatory problems.

You can use horse radish as a sandwich condiment, in a sauce or in any other food preparation to help you remain healthy. It is known to clear sinuses, clear out mucus from the upper respiratory passages, and increase facial circulation. Horse radish has been used as a medicine for centuries.

If you often get sinus infections, then snack on some horse radish the moment you feel that you’re getting a cold. It will stop the mucus from pooling in your sinus cavities. Herbal therapists often prescribe horse radish for curing lung congestion, influenza and common cold. After you eat horse radish your eyes and nose will water, and the free-flowing mucus is in fact a sign that the body is purging itself of toxins and wastes.

A mild antibiotic, horse radish can stimulate urine too and is often used to treat urinary infections.

Sometimes horse radish can be used to bring relief from pain causes during nerve irritation and arthritis.

Horse radish can be made into a poultice and used to treat wounds that have been infected. It can sometimes cure rashes too