Fruit Dieting With Healthy Fruit Detox Diet

By | January 22, 2009

Fruits For Diet And Weight Loss

Does fruit diet serve as a healthy detox diet. Is it recommended to go on fasting and live on healthy fruit diet once a week. How can that help?

Fruits are one of the foods, which have an age-old origin. It is an integral part of the diet. Fruit diet benefits many, due to their low calories and low fat content. They provide dietary fiber, which provides relief from constipation, diverticulitis, diabetes, obesity and so on. Many fruits comprise of a high concentration of water, which helps in prevention of dehydration. Cooked fruits are not preferred, as the loss of nutrients is high. Pomegranate, lemon, apple and orange aids in the regulation of heart. Certain other fruits, such as mangoes, apples and dates improves memory, prevents exhaustion, tension and insomnia or sleeplessness. It reduces emotional disorders, such as anxiety.

Protein And Dried Fruit Diet

Fruit diet is a complete detoxification diet, which helps in the elimination of toxins and other wastes. Use of raw fruits and juices is one of the most vital techniques of detoxification. Fruits aid in the maintenance of alkalinity in the system. It also removes the acidic chemicals and thus proves effective for weight loss. Toxins and drugs, which are accumulated in course of time, result in a sluggish feeling. This decreases the functioning of the various organs. It slows down the individual and blocks the brain. A fruit diet provides a lot of energy, and can also comprise of vegetables. It supplements the system with the required vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This kind of a diet is especially active in the summer or hot season, so as to enable the easy access of various nutrients.

Fruits are better eaten, with the skin intact, as many nutrients are present underneath the skin. The skin also provides adequate fiber. Elimination of toxins, when on a fruit diet, happens through the skin, urine, sinus, mouth and excrements. Fruits in the diet aid in the removal of fat excretions, dead cells and certain unhealthy elements from the system. The theory behind detoxification is the removal of waste through the colon. The colon, acts as a medium, through which the toxins are passed into the blood stream. This in turn results in the spread of the toxin, throughout the system, thereby resulting infection and various diseases. Citrus fruits, such as lemon, orange and grapefruit are experts as detoxifying agents. Pineapples are also equally effective. The other fruits help in overall well being. A fruit diet also aids in the rejuvenation of the system. It wards off allergies and improves eyesight. Fruits help in strengthening of the nails, hair and teeth. It improves the complexion, along with the cognitive function.