Information on Fish Recipes and Fish for the Treatment of Fever

By | November 26, 2008

Foods for Fever and Fish Recipes

Ideally, fish should not be consumed as a solid food while experiencing a fever. During a fever, the body is in the process of destroying the bacteria or viral infection causing an increase in internal temperature. During the course of a fever, the individual would benefit by staying warm, getting sufficient or enough rest and sleep, and by drinking plenty of water during the day to help the body fight off the infection.

It is strongly recommended not to consume any solid foods during a fever, as the digestive system in not in position to function normally.  Even though fish is healthy, it should be eaten only after the fever has subsided. During a fever the body’s immune system is busy fighting off the harmful bacteria causing the fever and at such time, individuals usually do not feel hungry and hence the best way to supply nutrients to the individuals is to provide him or her with plenty of warm liquids, soups and broths. It is important to drink plenty of clean fresh water during a fever, as drinking water helps to flush out the toxins from the blood. The virus and bacteria thrive in dehydrated cells and by drinking water white blood cells are able to function more effectively thus helping to destroy the virus and bacteria.

During a fever it is necessary to decrease any kind of sugar intake especially in the form of carbonated beverages, honey, fruit juices and natural or refined sugars. In the presence of sugar, white blood cells are not able to function properly and fight off the bacteria and virus.  Their movement and actions are slowed down in the presence of sugar.

Common Fever Infections and Fish For the Treatment of Fever

Moreover, sugary foods are also difficult to digest during a fever. Hence individuals must refrain from consuming anything sugary for the span of the fever. Once the fever has subsided the appetite will return, and the individual can start consuming diluted vegetable juice or soups. For the next two or three days after the fever has broken, it is ideally recommended that the individual consume simple foods that are cooked instead of raw foods. Any form of meat and fish preparations should be avoided for at least a week after the fever has subsided. During such a time it is recommended that the individual consumes freshly prepared steamed or broiled vegetables and soups.

Fever brings about immense weakness to the body and hence one must take utmost care not to exert oneself during a fever.