Diet For Jaundice And Obstructive Jaundice Treatment

By | December 8, 2008

Liver Disease Treatment For Recovering From Jaundice

Please suggest a good diet for a non vegetarian 13 years old girl 2 months after recovering from Jaundice.

The basics of recovering from jaundice are really quite simple. You would need to take it easy, eat light and rest well. If you are 13 years old, you should make sure that your immunity is restored before you begin to go about your life as usual. It is essential to rest as well as complete the course of medication prescribed to you by the doctor. Jaundice is the kind of disease wherein once the medication starts to show effect, you will begin to feel recovered. However this is not always the case. While medication can make you feel good, it is important to note that jaundice is a disease of the liver and this organ is delicate and takes time to heal completely. You will need to rest, primarily. Apart from which you should also follow a completely low fat and high fluid diet, the best way to completely restore liver function. Even if you are primarily a non vegetarian, who means a meat eating person, you would still have to live sparsely. You can take meat products but in controlled quantities.

Causes Of Jaundice And Liver Disease Treatment

One of the best things you can take for your ailment is chicken soup. This is considered to be extremely strong in healing properties. It is advisable to take this soup with a couple of meals a day. You are also advised to take it as you would a broth, rather than work it into a thick soup. It is also not a good idea to add any spice to your soup. If anything, you can add a pinch of pepper and season your soup with salt. Meat must also be eaten grilled only. This is the best form in which it will be easiest to digest. The point of resting the body after recovering from jaundice is also to help the digestive system to come up to speed. This can only happen if you give it complete rest for a good 6 months after you have had the disease. This is important because while externally, your body may lull you into believing that things are fine, but internally, the liver would take a whole lot more of effort and time to recover and start functioning at top speed again. Since it is just a matter of six months, as opposed to living with a damaged liver all your life, you are better off abstaining from whatever you wean to eat for this short duration.