Aphrodisiac Foods and Aphrodisiac Foods Recipes

By | December 1, 2008

What Foods are Aphrodisiac and Aphrodisiac Foods for Women

Aphrodisiacs are those substances that increase the sexual desire. They provocate the sexual pleasures and are foods that contain sexual stimulants. There are a lot of controversies related to the functioning of aphrodisiacs. The name is derived from the Greek goddess of love, ‘Aphrodite’. Many herbs are supposed to have aphrodisiac action, and are consumed, irrespective of their unappealing tastes. These herbs are used for their functions as

  • seductive agents
  • spice up sex, in a dull life
  • to enhance sterility and infertility and
  • to improve potency

Herbs are always taken with care, as improper dosage is life threatening. Excessive dosage of certain herbs has a deleterious effect, as they function as poisonous agents, and results in death. Herbs also have the capacity to interact with other medications and result in certain side effects. Herbs improve the sexual desire by increasing the erection time, better orgasms and female lubrication.

Foods That Serve as an Aphrodisiac

Some of the natural aphrodisiacs are as follows:

  • Pineapple juice – It is eaten with honey or chilli powder
  • Celery – It is a good source of nutrients such as magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sulphur and calcium. The fresh root improves the strength of the sex organs
  • Date palm – Drink palm wine with hemp or nightshade for good results
  • Pimento – It contains essential oils and is consumed in combination with cocoa
  • Cardamom – It has a dual nature of cooling the system, when hot and heating the system, when cold
  • Sweet potato – It invigorates the sex drive in women
  • Cayenne pepper – It contains certain acrid substances that might result in irritation of the urogenital area, though it improves the sexual drive
  • Basil – It has tannins, vitamins and essential oils, which provide the herb with aphrodisiac powers.
  • Squash – Vitamin E, fatty oil and protein in the seeds improve vitality of the individual
  • Banana – Bromelain in them enhances the performance of males. It is also considered an aphrodisiac, due to its shape
  • Ginseng – enhances the desire for physical contact
  • Chocolate – It increases activity an d possesses a sedative, which in turn reduces inhibitions. It also increases the want for sexual contact
  • Oyster – They exhibit both masculine and feminine properties
  • Radish – The spicy flavor triggers the taste buds
  • Truffles – The musky aroma of truffles improve the palate and the sexual desire