Juice Therapy For Jaundice And Cholera

By | April 7, 2009

Juice Therapies For The Treatment Of Jaundice And Cholera

How can juice therapy work effectively for diseases like jaundice and cholera. What other foods can be consumed by cholera patients?

Lemon juice is believed to be highly efficient in treating the symptoms of cholera or jaundice. A regular intake of fresh lemon juice, either by itself or blended with other fresh fruit juices provides the body the necessary nutrients required to battle against the disease causing germs. Lemon juice also helps in purging the intestines and keeping them healthy. The juice of fresh cucumbers helps in alleviating the painful symptoms and suffering caused due to cholera or jaundice. Blend whole cucumbers and liquidize the leaves along with the cucumbers. This must be drunk without any additives. The juice is not only beneficial in inhibiting the symptoms of excessive thirst caused due to the disease but also replenishes the internal fluids required to defend the body against the cholera virus.

Effect Of Juice Therapy On Body

According to some folk remedies, it is crucial that the body’s acidity levels are balanced in order to spew out the harmful toxins from the body, in addition to the excess liquid that the body finds hard to ingest. Since the digestive system is endangered in the wake of a cholera attack, the intake of solid foods is not recommended for patients with cholera or jaundice. Liquids, juices, soups, broths and liquid foods are the suggested food options available to the patient. Encourage the patient to consume pure fruit juices, made from freshly squeezed fruits without the use of additives or blended with clean filtered water, as much as possible. The following foods when blended in the form of a liquid or soup are also useful in treating cholera or jaundice:

  • The bulb of an onion plant
  • Mint leaves
  • Apple Cider Vinegar

The regular intake of onion juice is highly advocated as it suppresses raging thirst and satisfies the patent’s uneasiness. In both cholera and jaundice, complete bed rest is advised until the symptoms of the disease settle. Refrain from offering any kind of solid and piquant foods during the course of treating any of the diseases.

A diet comprising fresh fruits, fresh fruit juices, and fresh vegetable juices is the only form of diet that must be resorted to in the event of jaundice or cholera. Other useful juices are fresh orange juice, fresh lemon juice, fresh grape juice, fresh pear juice, fresh carrot, and beet juices, among others. Sugar cane juice blended with lemon juice is also believed to be a splendid form of treatment for jaundice.