Dissolve Gallstones With Diet For Gallstones

By | February 23, 2009

Diet For Gallstones And Gallstone Removal Diet

My uncle got calculus size 12 mm in the gall bladder. His age is 42 yrs and it is freely moving. Is surgery essential? Please suggest a proper diet for it.

Gallbladder stones, or cholelithiasis refers to a condition in which bile stones are formed in the gall bladder. When these stones grow in size and number, they block the tubing and put a pressure on the liver, adversely affecting its production of bile. This in turn can lead to jaundice. It is usually not possible to eliminate gall bladder stones with home remedies or a diet, especially if the stones are large in size. Surgery is normally the only way out of gall bladder stones. However a diet can help to reduce the intensity of pain and other symptoms. It is imperative to monitor your diet carefully and reduce your consumption of food. Eat only as much as is necessary for your system and do not overeat irrespective of how much you like the food served. It is also important to eat slowly and calmly because hurried, stressful eating can cause problems in digestion and aggravate the symptoms. It goes without saying that you should avoid all junk food, packaged food and processed food, and eat only freshly cooked food.

Removing Gallstones With Gallbladder Diets

There are many foods that have to be avoided in a gall bladder diet. Coffee, tea, carbonated beverages and alcohol are the first things to be struck off the regular consumption list. You should also avoid drinking tap water; the best option is water boiled at home. You should also avoid ice cream, all refined sugar, artificial sweeteners and refined foods such as white flour. Red meat, pork, poultry products and eggs should also be avoided in addition to dairy products, beans and nuts. Some people also have problems with onions, broccoli, brussel sprouts and mustard. It is evident that fried and saturated foods, foods prepared in hydrogenated oils and margarine should also be avoided. Most fruit juices should be avoided. On the other hand, you should drink plenty of freshly prepared vegetable juices, grape and apple juice.

You should increase your intake of beets, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, green beans and avocados. You can use a lot of vinegar and garlic in your food preparations. Onions and shallots are often recommended but they can cause trouble for some people so be cautious if you are adding them to your diet. Tomatoes and lemon, on the other hand are beneficial for the gall bladder. You can have a glass of hot water with the juice of 1 lemon daily to keep your liver clean and healthy. Omega 3 oils like flax and hemp can be used along with vinegar and lemon to make salads, but remember never to cook these oils.

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