Diet For High Uric Acid And Gout

By | March 9, 2009

Gout Treatment And Diet For Uric Acid Patients

What should be appropriate diet for uric acid patient? How can uric acid be reduced in blood?

Uric acid is a waste product which is present in the blood. It is formed due to the breakup of cells by the food that we eat. Another factor that releases uric acid is the breakdown of purines. Purines are present in the human body tissues and in foods such as beans, peas, and alcoholic drinks. Uric acid is normally excreted from the body via urine and stool. When the kidneys fail to purify the blood properly, uric acid remains in the blood and causes gout or kidney stones. A laboratory urine test is taken to determine the levels of uric acid in the urine.

Diet For Reducing Uric Acid In Blood

Foods that are high in purines normally increase the level of uric acid in the body, and lead to diseases such as gout. Gout is a painful disease that is more common in men, but can also affect women. It is caused by excess of uric acid in the blood. A uric acid diet is low in purine foods and hence helps to regulate uric acid levels in the body. Diets that reduce uric acid are effective in lowering the uric acid levels in the body. The dietary plan involves avoiding foods that have high levels of purine. The goal of treating patients is to keep their uric acid low. These diets are also beneficial in reducing body weight.

High uric acids foods and compounds that formulate uric acid in the body include animal meat such as pork and beef. White meat, poultry, and ham can have some amount of purine, and should be consumed minimally. Bacon is to be avoided at all cost, as it is very high in purine. Alcohol should also be kept out of the diet. Excess of alcohol such as beer and wine will increase your uric acid levels. Alcohol further prevents the uric acid waste from being excreted out of the body.

Foods that help relieve the symptoms of uric acid patients include black cherry juice, also known as sour cherry, bananas, strawberries, and blueberries. Celery seed extract and bromelain are also effective remedies that are used to reduce uric acid levels. Folic acid can also help in improving your condition. Do consume vegetables such as cabbages and tomatoes. It is also a good idea to increase your intake of dairy products. Cheese and yogurt are beneficial for uric acid patients. Drink a lot of water to control your uric acid levels. Liquids which are low in caffeine help in removing uric acid from the blood.

High uric acid levels

High uric acid levels in the blood are the cause of gout and this condition requires medical attention and treatment. These high levels of uric acid could be caused by a hereditary problem, the wrong kind of diet, or a physical problem because of a malfunction of certain organs. If the kidneys do not function as they should, the excretion of toxins in the body is reduced and this causes elevated levels of serum uric acid in the body. This could even be brought on if the intake of purine rich foods is high in an individual’s diet and this is why a uric acid diet should be considered to keep the levels in check.

Uric acid in the human bodyThough uric acid levels in the human body have a certain function and should be maintained at the right level, high levels in women during pregnancy and in children are dangerous. The toxins in the blood of the mother could affect the growth and development of her baby.  It is important to keep in mind that low levels of uric acid could also be dangerous to one’s health, as low levels of uric acid are usually associated with MS or Multiple Sclerosis. This is one of the reasons why gout and MS are rarely found together in the same patient.


High uric acidGout, kidney stones, and kidney failure are just some of the health problems associated with high uric acid and some of the most common causes of high uric acid in the blood include a purine-rich diet and an unhealthy lifestyle. Symptoms of high uric acid levels include shortness of breath, weakness and lethargy, nausea, blood in the urine and swelling because of water retention.


The waste matter and toxins in the body are not completely excreted from the body and this causes a lot of discomfort and pain. If gout is brought on because of high uric acid then there is severe pain in the joints which limits the person’s movements.

High uric acid in bloodIf there are symptoms of high uric acid in the blood then the patient should undergo a blood test which will show whether the levels are elevated and the patient can then discuss treatment options with his/her doctor. Once this is done the causes should be diagnosed and the person should undergo treatment to bring down the levels and also follow a regular diet to control the uric acid in the blood. If the kidneys have been damaged because of the high level of uric acid dialysis may be required.


Uric acid dietA uric acid diet plan is essential if you wish to treat this disorder which would otherwise have far reaching consequences, like kidney failure. To avoid further damage to the system, a change in lifestyle and a proper diet is recommended along with the medication and treatment. to help stabilize the individual’s uric acid levels. The right diet will help to reduce the uric acid levels in the blood and this in turn will relieve the pain if gout has set in. Even if the patient does not have any symptoms of gout there are other problems like kidney failure which could be avoided if the right diet is maintained.


Uric acid diet chartEvery hospital and clinic will have a qualified dietician who will be able to give you a uric acid diet chart and a food list which will let you know what you can eat and what to avoid. It is important to avoid alcohol and foods which have yeast.


Diet for uric acid patientsThe diet for uric acid patients should be one which will eliminate their problems and reduce their symptoms. The juice of black cherries when consumed in large quantities is known to relieve the symptoms and pain of gout. The extract of celery seeds is an alternate remedy as it is supposed to have anti – inflammatory ingredients in the natural form. Foods which have a high content of uric acids should be avoided, while folic acid could be added to the diet as it helps to reduce the inflammation and some of the other symptoms.


Diet for high uric acidOnce the patient has a blood test which proves that their uric acid level is high, then it is best for him/her to start on a diet for high uric acid reduction. A certain level of uric acid is required for the health of the blood vessels and for the normal functions of the body, however, if this is in excess then there is danger of gout, heart disease, kidney disease and diabetes. It is the purines in the food which we eat that are responsible for the rise in uric acid levels in the blood, so reducing the intake of such foods will help in reducing these levels.


Weight reduction and a healthy lifestyle can help in bringing down the uric acid levels in the body.

High uric acid treatmentTo find out clinically whether a high uric acid treatment is required, a urine test could also help to diagnose this with a urine sample which is collected over a twenty four hour period. There is some preparation involved before conduction this test and the doctor will tell you what to avoid before your have the test done.


Once the diagnosis is confirmed treatment can be started for the problem. Apart from the medications which help this condition there are a lot of natural therapies which could help to bring down the levels in the blood and the urine. As some of the methods of treatment for high uric acid levels could cause some discomfort like diarrhea and headache there are some natural detoxification therapies which your physician and dietician may recommend. However, people react differently to these treatments and therapies and a different method may have to be used for those who do not react well to a certain kind of treatment.