Diet For Diabetes Patients With Gastritis

By | February 18, 2009

Diet Menu For Diabetes And Diet For Gastritis

I am a diabetic patient on insulin and just found out that I have gastritis too. I am in awe of what to eat, also I have had a heart attack, so I have to consider that as well. Please suggest some healthy diet

The characteristics of a healthy diet are almost always essentially the same, no matter what you are suffering from, and even if you are in perfect health. The main difference is that when you are suffering from a health problem, you need to be a lot stricter about certain things that directly affect that ailment. Therefore, your diet basically needs to include all the necessary nutrients and food groups, should have plenty of fruits and vegetables, should not be too high in fats, and should include sources of protein such as lean meat or dairy products, or both.

Recommended Diet For Diabetes

Since you have a heart problem, your intake of salt and fat in particular need to be monitored. You have not mentioned the causes of the heart attack, but these of course need to be taken into account. Commonly, high cholesterol and high blood pressure are responsible, along with obesity. If you are obese, then you should seriously try to lose weight – this does not need to happen right away, but you should gradually regain a healthy body weight over the next few months through exercise and diet. Primarily, you need to reduce your intake of fat – avoid red meat as far as possible, and ensure that all the other foods you eat are also low fat.

For the gastritis, you will need to stick to light, easily digestible foods as far as possible. Here again, fruits and vegetables are extremely healthy, of course as long as you do not cook them using too much of oil or spices. Spicy food will of course directly irritate your stomach, while fatty food will worsen the acidity. For your protein needs, light meats such as fish are to be preferred. You need to avoid alcohol completely, especially over the next three or four days, till your stomach gets back to normal. If your gastritis is chronic, then of course all these guidelines must be observed for good.

For diabetes too, it is generally recommended that the intake of fatty food is reduced, and this is something that you need to do anyway. Your intake of sugar of course needs to be controlled. Unfortunately, this means keeping track of your fruit consumption too, as fruits tend to be high in sugars. It is therefore advisable to severely limit sugar from all other sources, as most of these sources do not provide much real nutrition, while continuing to eat lots of fruits.

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