Early Symptoms of Diabetes and Diabetes Natural Treatment

By | November 12, 2008

Information about Diabetes and Diabetes Natural Treatment

Diabetes is an extremely common condition, afflicting millions around the world. Although a serious condition it can easily be treated and controlled. Diabetes can be controlled very effectively through simple dietary measures and some lifestyle changes, so there is still hope for your boyfriend. Many people are averse to taking medications and prefer to live with and overcome the condition through natural treatments and dieting. Since your boyfriend’s condition has been neglected for too long he will need medical attention as well, to ascertain the extent of damage done as result. This off course may be asking too much, given his obvious aversion to medication, so instead start with diet and lifestyle changes and natural remedies. You will need to motivate him to make the necessary changes and you could gradually coax him into visiting a physician later. You can try to get him interested in activities he used to love before or consult with a counselor for help. While there is no doubt that he will to a large extent be able to overcome his diabetes and live a relatively normal life, this will not be possible unless he is willing to make the necessary changes and is determined to recover.

Treating Diabetes with Diet

Here are some dietary changes that are necessary for any diabetic:

  • Low fat diets are advisable for any diabetic, so make sure his diet consists of grains, beans, fresh fruits and vegetables and non fat milk. Meat products need not be avoided completely, and he can include fish or poultry in his diet, but in moderation.
  • Cutting down the carbohydrate intake while adding protein, may also be a good idea. Skimmed milk, oatmeal, poached egg and whole wheat bread are relatively healthy breakfast options.
  • Refined sugar is bad for any diabetes patient and any food products containing refined sugar should be eliminated from his diet completely. If your boyfriend has a sweet tooth fruits would be the healthiest alternative or low fat foods with artificial sweeteners.
  • Chromium is a trace mineral that helps to normalize blood sugar levels and can be taken in the supplement form if needed. It would be better to do this after consulting with his physician.
  • Alcohol is extremely bad for a diabetic and your boyfriend will need to cut down on his drinking. Restricting his intake to three drinks a week should suffice and eliminate the need of complete abstinence.

In addition to a diabetes diet, exercise is vital. Some physical activity is necessary to stay fit and prevent deterioration. Brisk walks or light exercises can also help a lot. While it is possible to control and live with diabetes through dieting and exercising, regular medical checkups are necessary.