Curd Health and Treatments for Jaundice

By | December 1, 2008

Curd for Jaundice and Jaundice Prevention

Jaundice is a liver disease, which brings to our mind, ‘yellow eyes and yellow skin’. Disturbance in the functioning of the liver is seen to occur, as a result of deposition of excessive bile pigments. Gall stones and liver irritation result in jaundice. Other major contributing factors are cancer, anaemia, hepatitis virus, malaria and typhoid. Typical symptoms of jaundice include discoloration of the skin, sickness, fatigue or feeling of tiredness, high body temperature, change in stool color, constipation, discomfort in the stomach, lack of physical strength and headaches. Medication and healthy diet with rest is of great help. Fresh air with regular relaxation helps. A juice diet is helpful for the initial seven days. Continue with all fruit diet for the succeeding five days. Fresh fruits are taken, every five hours.

Treatment schedule begins with fresh fruit juices and barley water. Avoid high fat foods, as it affects the intestine and results in fatty stools or steatorrhoea. Pulses and cereals contribute to swelling of the liver, thereby causing various complications. Foods such as soya beans, sweet potatoes, grapes and nuts prove beneficial. Avoid alcoholic beverages and cigarette smoking. Intake of alcohol, after the treatment of the disease, results in relapse. A simple and well balanced diet is useful. Saturated fats such as clarified butter, lard, cream, mayonnaise and butter are not preferred. Refined and processed foods have a lot of saturated fats, and are hence avoided. Legumes and pulses result in flatulence and purification. It also causes digestive problems. Indian gooseberry is a good source of ascorbic acid, which helps in jaundice. Barley water is effective in treatment process. Lemon juice consumption, on a regular basis also proves beneficial.

Lemon Curd and Medication for Jaundice

Fresh juicy fruits such as papaya, pineapple, tomatoes, orange, mango and apple are helpful. Easily digestible foods, such as yoghurt and soft rice, porridge and custards prove helpful for the strained stomach. Adequate rest is very helpful in speeding the recovery time. Curd is not only useful for jaundice, but also in the treatment of high blood pressure. Certain home remedies for jaundice that utilises curds are:

  • To about two hundred grams of curd, add a pinch of alum. Eat the same for good results.
  • Curd with a pinch of turmeric powder also exhibits positive effect. Ammonia liberation leads to hepatitis. Curd helps to prevent the situation. This procedure is curbed by the micro organisms, namely, lactic acid bacillus.
  • Curd can also be added with honey before consumption.