Causes Of Discolored Urine And Jaundice Treatments

By | January 21, 2009

Jaundice Liver Disease And Discolored Urine

My urine’s pigmentation is dark yellow and i feel weakness too. Is it jaundice? Please suggest some herbal remedies and diet plan

Yellow discoloration of urine is due to various reasons. Dark colored urine is common in summer, as a result of dehydration. Are you on any medications? Certain vitamin (especially vitamin B and riboflavin) supplements and medicines, contribute to yellow color in urine. Use of food additives or dyes also gives rise to yellow urine. Urinary infection or blood in the urine is yet another causative factor. This is easy to diagnose with urinary diagnostic tests. A physician’s guidance is recommended, if none of the above mentioned cause contributes. Liver malfunction or hemolysis also results in dark colored urine.

Jaundice Treatment For Yellow Skin Pigmentation

Jaundice is a liver disorder, accompanied by yellow discoloration of the sclera and skin. High bilirubin levels contribute to yellow discoloration of the urine. The diet modification for jaundice is provided, though your physician’s guidance is necessary. Drug abuse and self treatment is very dangerous and proves to be life threatening. High bilirubin levels are due to obstruction in the bile ducts, which in turn results in bile pigment and salts in the intestine. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are preferred, in the initial days of treatment. Solid foods are abstained from. Soft and easily digestible foods are useful. A high carbohydrate diet is of great help, as it decreases the burden on the liver. Juices of pear, lemon, beet, sugar cane, grapes, carrot and tomato are useful. Fat rich foods are a complete ‘no-no’. Legumes and pulses are not recommended, due to their capacity to putrefy (ferment) in the intestine. Avoid butter, cream, lard, margarine and hydrogenated fats. Fat intake results in digestive disturbances. Alcohol is completely abstained, as relapse is seen to occur with the consumption of the same.

Sanitation and hygiene is vital in the treatment of jaundice. This is especially because of poor immunity to infection. Avoid the use of preserved juices. Fruit and vegetable juices, are prepared fresh, every time. The green leaves of radish are highly effective in the treatment of jaundice. Ginger juice with mint and lime is useful. Indian gooseberry with water is highly effective for all kinds of liver diseases. Tender leaves of papaya are made into a paste with honey and taken for jaundice. A decoction of coriander seeds is also useful. Boiled and cooled barley water is very useful, as it helps in the elimination of toxins. Diluted lemon juice is equally beneficial. Fresh tomato juice with pepper and salt is helpful.