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How can diet be used for enhancing skin beauty?
(June 1, 2010)

Beauty lies skin deep is a beautiful saying and it is proven to be true as well. A healthy skin care diet should contain healthy skin vitamins. The healthier you, eat the better your skin looks. Feed your skin to get beauty from within. If you dream of having flawless and beautiful skin, you need to make sure that you eat healthy and nutritious food.

Your body sends out signals whenever it falls short of essential nutrients. For example, when you binge on fried food, your body shows its anger by generating an outburst of pimples on your face. You need to look out for these signals and address them before it is too late.

Skin Care Nutrition:
So here are some food items that can help you enhance your skin’s beauty:
  • Fish: Fish has always been associated a food that enhances memory and brain power. However, fish is also good for your skin. Fishes like sardines, mackerel, and fresh tuna are loaded with fats that are essential for our body. These fats are known as good fats or essential fatty acids (EFA). These fats tend to minimize inflammation, if any, and also moisturize your skin. These fatty acids help those who suffer from dry skin problems and eczema.
  • Nuts and Seeds: Nuts and seeds are loaded with vitamins A and E which are essential nutrients for your skin. These vitamins are the ones that most of the beauty creams claim to have. When these vitamins are available in nuts and seeds, then why not consume them in their natural forms? These vitamins not only protect your skin from skin damage but are also effective in protecting your skin from pollution.
  • Olive Oil: Instead of cooking your food in any other oil, cooking them in extra virgin olive oil will do lot of good to your skin. Olive oil is loaded with vitamin E that acts as antioxidant and protects your skin from damage.
  • Spinach: Spinach and other leafy vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower and lettuce are rich in vitamins A, C, E and also have minerals and iron. As a result, what you get is bright and glowing skin. This is because these vegetables increase the blood flow to your skin, which adds a glow to otherwise dull skin.
  • Whole grains: Including whole grains in your diet is a brilliant idea as they encourage digestion. When digestion is good, the toxins do not build up in your body and show on your skin. So whole grains like brown rice and bran are very important in maintaining a flawless complexion.
Eat to stay healthy and fit and not just because you have to or want to. What you eat is what shows on your face.
Submitted by S M on June 1, 2010 at 02:32


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