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Endurance Weight Training

Does endurance weight training have useful health benefits? How will this help me?
(April 11, 2008)

Endurance Weight Training

Weight training fails to automatically increase the endurance levels. Though, strength training helps in communication of the message from the brain to the muscles. Increasing the strength by weight training fails to contribute much to endurance training. Research reveals the importance of strength training in improving the strength and not in the mechanics of an event. Certain other studies reveal the improvement of performance in pure endurance events.

Resistance training calls for muscular endurance, maximal strength and explosive power to excel. There is no increase in the muscle hypertrophy.

A combination of these also proves beneficial. Muscle bulk with the other strength elements is vital. Muscular endurance is of three categories, namely, power endurance, muscular endurance, short term and long term. Power endurance s required, especially in the case of games which involve repeated high energy movements. Development of maximal strength helps in the conversion to explosive power. Exercise, performed in an alternate manner, helps in the dispersion of lactic acid. Fatigue and increased levels of lactic acid are tolerated easily by short term muscular endurance. Triathlon, rowing and marathon calls for long term muscular endurance.

Submitted by S M on April 11, 2008 at 05:58


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