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3 Day Diet advice

Any reviews or opinions on a 3 Day Diet. Studying this for some time, please revert with any help?
(October 26, 2010)

3 Day Diet

Given the fact that obesity is such a common problem in today’s world, it is easy to see why there are so many effective diet plans to fight the problem. Obesity has become increasingly common because of the overreliance that we have on modern technology as well as the fact that unhealthy, calorie rich, fast foods like hamburgers and hot dogs seem to blend so perfectly into our very busy lifestyles. Crash diets are becoming increasingly popular as people look for quick-fix methods to lose weight. It is important to understand that the stress that the body is placed under as a result of a sudden change in the kind and amount of food one eats is always going to have an adverse effect on a person’s health. However, a lot of people are happy with the quick results of a crash diet and see it as a worthwhile tradeoff.

Certain diets offer quick weight loss but also provide the individual with essential nutrients. The 3 day diet is one such diet and is an easy diet since one needs to follow it for a very short period of time. The 3 day diet can also be used to kick start a long term diet plan as it helps to increase the effectiveness of a diet plan.

The 3 day diet is one of the most popular diets today and is primarily a low calorie diet plan that is based on the principles of calorie counting. On the first day of the three day diet, breakfast will comprise of black coffee or tea with sweet and low cal sugar, and 1 slice of toast with a single teaspoon of peanut butter. Lunch should consist of a half cup of tuna meat and a single slice of toast along with black coffee or tea. Dinner on the first day should comprise of 3 oz. of any kind of lean meat as well as a cup each carrots and green beans. The breakfast on the second day is ideally made up of black coffee or tea and a single egg with sliced toast and a banana, followed by lunch that is limited to a single cup of cottage cheese or tuna meat and 5 saltine crackers. The dinner on the second day of the 3 day diet should consist of 2 beef franks and ½ a cup of carrots with ½ a cup of vanilla ice cream. Breakfast on the third day should comprise of black tea or coffee with 5 saltine crackers and a single apple with lunch consisting of a single hardboiled egg and a slice of toast. Dinner can be a cup of tuna meat, as well as a cup each of cauliflower and melon. All in all, the three day diet should help you lose 10 pounds in 3 days.

Obesity puts a lot of stress on an individual’s circulatory system and heart and it can cause serious and even fatal heart conditions. The 3 day cardiac diet is recommended only for certain cases where an individual needs to lose several pounds within a short period of time. It is essential to consult a doctor before deciding on these diet plans as they are considered to be very restrictive diets. 

Submitted by C N on October 26, 2010 at 11:50


3 Day Diet advice 

Hi! The individual results of every weight loss diets differ and are not generalized. We do not study the effects of such diets. You have to try it at your own risk. The three day diet is a fad diet that promises weight loss through certain metabolic processes. It promises a loss of 10pounds in 3 days. The weight loss is attributed to the loss of fluids, as exercise is not recommended, according to this plan. The exact pattern of fat burning, body cleansing, increasing energy levels and reduced cholesterol is unexplained. It is considered as a fad diet.

Breakfast- a piece of toast with a tablespoon of peanut butter, a cup of black tea/coffee with half a grapefruit.
Lunch- a piece of toast with half a cup of tuna and black coffee/tea
Dinner- a cup each of green beans and carrot, 3 ounces of lean meat, an apple and a cup of vanilla ice cream

Breakfast- A piece of toast with half a banana, an egg and a cup of black coffee/tea
Lunch- 8 salt or regular crackers and a cup of cottage cheese or tuna
Dinner- Half a carrot, half a banana, half an ice cream, a cup of broccoli with 2 beef franks

Breakfast- 5 crackers with a cup of coffee or tea, an apple and an ounce of cheddar cheese
Lunch- a boiled egg, a piece of toast with black tea or coffee
Dinner- A cup each of cauliflower, carrots, melon and tuna with half a cup of ice cream.

Submitted by E L on April 10, 2008 at 07:24


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