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Fat reduction remedy

(October 22, 2010)

Fat Reduction Diet

Fat is consumed in every human being’s diet. Fat is essential for some body processes and is also useful for the body to store for further use in the future. Fat can be broken down to produce energy during a time when the body does not have readily available nutrition. In the modern age, most individuals have relaxed jobs that do not require much physical effort. The domestic life of such individuals is also usually relaxed and without much physical exercise.

Individuals may also consume processed food or junk food. This combination of poor nutrition and insufficient exercise leads to the accumulation of fat on the body. Different individuals accumulate fat in different areas of their bodies. Depending on different factors, including genetics, an individual may have fat accumulating on the belly, the thighs or other parts of the body.

Fat reduction can be achieved by making a wide range of changes to the lifestyle and diet. The first important thing to do when seeking belly fat reduction techniques or stomach fat reduction methods is to analyze the type of food being consumed. Fast food and processed food should be replaced with healthy food options. Natural foods also contain fat, but they also contain a whole range of nutrients that are important for many body functions. Natural foods tend to also have fiber which is essential for the digestive process. Most fruits and vegetables are enhanced with digestive fiber which helps the digestive system function more efficiently. It also ensures that the food is passed quickly through the system and waste is efficiently disposed of. Most fruits and vegetables are better for the body because they provide energy to the body while not adding too much fat content. Fat is required in every diet, this should not be ignored by an individual. However, natural fats when accompanied by proper nutrients do not harm the body. It is the saturated fat content present in junk food that is truly harmful to the human body. One may also choose to bake or steam items for eating rather than frying them or preparing them using oil in any way. A reduction of oil will also help to reduce fat intake. 

The other aspect of fat reduction is exercise. Exercise involves the body exerting itself physically. Any physical activity requires energy. Energy, in the human body, is produced from food being metabolized. When the body runs out of food, it begins the process of fat conversion. This is the crucial period for fat reduction. Body fat reduction therefore occurs during the latter part of strenuous and continuous physical exercise. Short bursts of exercise do not necessarily help with this process. Exercise should therefore be based on endurance running, cycling and other such sports that require energy over a continuous period of time. This will ensure that there is sufficient fat reduction over a period of time. Any individual seeking to reduce his or her body fat must be patient as the process of fat reduction is a long term process and does not happen overnight.
Submitted by S M on October 22, 2010 at 05:09


Weigh loss is a gradual process where diet and exercise goes hand in hand. Reduce your over all weight, you will reduce your leg and seat region too along with appropriate exercise to build muscles in that area and burn fat.
Remember these simple tips to lose weight –

  • Eat small meals at frequent intervals. Avoiding both starving and binging.
  • Never skip your breakfast. Breakfast is considered a brain food and will help keep you going for the whole day.
  • Consume at least 8-9 servings of fruits and vegetables including 1 green leafy vegetable daily.
  • Avoid simple sugars and processed carbohydrates. Choose whole cereals or whole wheat products and avoid white flour and its products as far as possible.
  • Remember ‘fat free’ or ‘sugar free’ products do not mean calorie free. Make sure to read the food labels before any food item you consume. Be an aware customer.
  • Avoid too much of deep fried, oily or fried foods. Include good proteins in the form of pulses, sprouts, milk, eggs, fish, and lean meats or de skinned chicken.
  • The most important nutrient that is always forgotten is water. Drink sufficient water daily to keep yourself well hydrated.
  • Physical activity or exercise is a very important criterion to remain fit. Just a simple brisk walk for 40-45 minutes or stretching exercises for lower body will help.
Submitted by S M on August 6, 2007 at 07:26


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