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In a week, how many times we can non veg?

(February 20, 2012)

Chicken is one of the better meats for your protein source. It is also the most consumed protein source after red meat. Most diets recommend that if you are a non-vegetarian and need meat, chicken and fish are your best bet. Get to know about health benefits of chicken

Chicken up to twice or thrice a week is good for you. It is, however, important that this chicken be skinless and certainly not fried.

Chicken, along with fish and turkey, is white meat and often recommended for a healthy lifestyle. It is an easily digested meat and contains less saturated fat as compared to red meat and certainly, less than processed meat like ham or bacon.

Your chicken intake in your daily meals can be in many different healthy ways. The most popular way to include chicken in your diet is by baking or grilling chicken breast and serving it with a variety of sauces and vegetables. Chicken as part of a curry is also very common. These curries are served with rice or bread.

People even eat chicken up to 5 and 6 times a week. As long as the chicken is cooked healthily and eaten in limited portions, it will not be a health hazard. For a 1600 calorie meal, about two portions of 2 ounce chicken servings are usually served in one day. Instead of consuming chicken as protein every day, you can also eat fish, which has a better nutritional profile. Instead of chicken or fish, you can eat beans, legumes or tofu which can also be the protein component in your meal. Depending on your calorie requirement, the quantity of protein might vary. For instance, bodybuilders tend to eat a lot more protein and often eat more chicken in one meal than you might in an entire week.
Just as good fats are needed for the body, proteins are also an essential component of your diet. Proteins help build muscle. Therefore consume proteins with as little saturated fat in it as possible. Also see calories in chicken

Eating chicken at every meal, especially processed chicken or fried chicken, defeats the purpose of having healthy meat. Often fried chicken is not only loaded with trans fats but is also fried with the skin on, adding to the cholesterol and fat count of the meat. Eating too much of anything is bad and that applies to chicken as well. Balance your chicken consumption along with other healthy and interesting proteins to keep your system active and healthy.

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