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Blood Type Diet Food

How does one follow the Blood Type Diet Food? Will it help me in losing weight and becoming healthier?
(June 26, 2008)

benefits of Blood Type Diet 

The Blood Type Diet was first initiated in the 1996 and was started by Dr. Peter DÁdamo. According to Dr. Adamo, the foods eaten by an individual cause a kind of chemical reaction in the body depending upon the type of blood one has. This form of chemical reaction takes place due to the individual's genes and is caused by a particular factor known as Lectins. Dr. Adamo further states that these lectins, which are found in plenty in the body, are diverse types of proteins available in foods, and these lectins possess clinging properties that tend to affect the individual's blood.

Hence if the individual consumes food that is incompatible to the blood type antigens, these lectins cause an adverse reaction in the body, which is what leads to blood type diseases.

When the incompatible food is consumed the lectins begin to direct a particular bodily organ or the system and start to agglutinate the blood cells in that particular region. Incidentally, the lectins found in most foods are not thought ot be highly life threatening however they can cause a range of ailments, especially if are particular to a blood type.

According to Dr. Adamo, the immune system in an individual tends to protect the body from most of the harm done by the lectins and almost ninety percent of the lectins and defended off by the body but the remaining percentage is likely to cause harmful reactions in various organs. Dr. Adamo further states that certain foods are good for one particular blood type by are like poison for another blood type and hence one must eat the types of foods that are permitted only for that blood type. Most medical scientists and nutritionist consider this particular diet to be highly flawed owing to the baseless scientific reasons behind this diet and have cautioned dieters to be particularly wary about this diet, and to seek a dietician or nutritionists help before practicing the Blood Type Diet.

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