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Gestational Diabetes Diet Menu

Explain advantages of Gestational Diabetes Diet Menu?
(June 24, 2008)

Diet for Gestational Diabetes  

A well planned diet helps in a healthy pregnancy, in spite of gestational diabetes. Keeping the blood glucose under control is the most vital part of treatment. The advantages of a gestational diabetes diet menu are that it helps in controlling the sugar level. The diet also aids in preventing various complications in the foetus and mother. The gestational diabetes diet menu, when followed properly, also ensures easy delivery without any problems.

The shooting sugar levels calls for insulin, as a part of treatment.

Maintenance of weight is necessary. Regular exercise in the form of walking is helpful in curbing the sugar levels. It also ensures a normal delivery. Smoking and alcohol abstinence are the lifestyle modifications, called for. Giving birth to a healthy baby is the ultimate objective of a gestational diabetes diet. Avoid skipping of meals and feasting or splurging on certain foods. Overall weight gain in each trimester has to be reviewed upon. Take the help of a physiotherapist for exercises. Whole grains, pulses and legumes provide satiety in the diet and are included in their diet. Adequate amount of water, around eight to ten glasses is advised. Junk foods, such as pizzas, French fries, potato chips and burgers are not recommended. Deep fat frying is not allowed.

Walking is the best form of exercise, calling for no sophisticated equipments. Fresh and wholesome foods are preferred, rather than processed foods. High fat and high sugar foods are completely abstained from. A regular track of your daily intake is important. A food diary is helpful for maintaining the same. Healthy methods of cooking, such as microwave, pressure cooking, steaming and grilling are opted for. Fresh vegetables and fruits of low glycaemic index are recommended. Whole grains, cereals, legumes and pulse increase the dietary fibre.

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