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Diet To Avoid Diabetes

Is there anything similar to Diet To Avoid Diabetes. My mother is a diabetic, and would like some dietary tips for her.
(June 24, 2008)

Healthy Diet to Prevent Diabetes 

There is no specific diet to avoid diabetes. A healthy and balanced diet is helpful in preventing the condition. Research reveals the fact that weight loss or weight maintenance helps in reducing the risk of diabetes mellitus. Prevention of diabetes is in our hands. Exercise regularly, to lose the extra pounds.

A reduction of 5 to 10 per cent body weight is helpful. Fad diets fail to prove beneficial in losing weight. Initial weight loss is seen with a low carbohydrate and high protein diet.

Self motivation is helpful. Family help plays a vital role in modifying the diet. Adjustments are much easier with your family's help. Healthy choice of right foods is effective in reducing the excess weight. Limiting certain foods such as desserts, prove beneficial. Soufflés, pastries and ice creams are avoided. About twenty five to fifty grams of fibre everyday, helps in preventing or delaying the onset of diabetes. Red meat is replaced by lean meat. Alcoholic beverages contribute to a lot of calories, with minimal intake. Hence they are avoided. Fizzy drinks, such as sodas and diet drinks are avoided. The latter gives rise to associated complications.

Dietary fibre helps in decreasing the chances of diabetes and cardiac problems. Satiety by high fibre foods helps in decreasing the intake. This thereby helps in keeping the weight under check. Whole grains, legumes, cereals, pulses fruits and vegetables are sources of complex carbohydrates. Read the labels for whole grain products. Portion size and calorie counting are used in combination to decrease the possibility of diabetes. Weight loss is easy with regular exercise, along with a healthy diet. Physical activity increases insulin sensitivity of the body, thus helps in keeping the blood glucose levels, low. A brisk walk, swimming, cycling or treadmill is useful techniques to shed the extra kilos. 

Submitted by E L on June 24, 2008 at 02:22


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