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Diabetes Diet Software

Does any one know about Diabetes Diet Software? I am a diabetic and would like to know if it would be useful to me.
(June 22, 2008)

Diabetes Diet Software

A number of diabetes diet software is available. Though this site fails to guarantee the effectiveness of software or its plus points, I shall try to list a few software that are  available. Fitness Assistant is a software solution for individuals with diabetes. Personal records are tracked and print outs help in maintaining the blood glucose levels. The amount of ingested protein, carbohydrates and fat are easily kept a track of.

It can be tried before purchase and has a recovery system that is unique. This aids in tracing signs of psychological and physical over training.

Diabetes log for Palm OS is a software that helps in providing warning regarding increased blood sugar levels. The data is easy to fill and uses the Palm operating system. Certain PC fails to run this device. Recorded meal information is easily taken out. The increase in the blood glucose levels are brought about by colour coded entries. The amount of insulin required is also calculated. The entries in this software is based on mood and timing of meal. This system has a built-in diabetes library.

NutriGenie is another nutrition software that concentrates on better health. Planning and keeping of records is not necessary. Sorting, searching and allocating to various groups is seen. Certain nutrients that are selected is taken into a print out. The Diabetes Diet Analyzer helps in analyzing your diet in a nutritional manner. DiabetEASE is a software from Ottawa, Canada. It is a free online software that aids in collecting data form various available meters. It also helps in tracking the blood glucose levels. The readings are converetd to graphs. A daily e-mail helps in updating your blood glucose on a regular basis. Roche Diagnostics is yet another online tool. The values are transferred manually or electronically and it functions with Windows operating system.

Submitted by E L on June 22, 2008 at 11:57


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