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Its spring time again, what should I do to avoid spring diseases?

(April 14, 2011)

Spring Allergies

Spring time brings with it a number of diseases that you should protect you and your family from. This is largely on account of the flowers and trees that blossom in this season, giving rise to pollen that causes several allergies and disorders. Pollen and other pollutants that abound in the spring tend to cause allergies like allergic rhinitis, runny nose, sneezing, congestion and other disorders. Windy weather in springtime brings these pollutants like mold and pollen into our homes and causes a great deal of trouble unless you safeguard your family against them. You can help care for several of these springtime allergies with the help of a few simple tips.

Firstly, ensure that you minimize your exposure to these pollutants on dry and windy days in the spring. Stay indoors to avoid inhaling pollen and other spring allergens. Avoid going out when the level of pollen in the air is the highest. Pollen counts are highest early in the morning and it is thus advisable not to step out at this time to help prevent an allergy. It is a good idea to step outdoors just after a shower of rain as this helps to settle the dust and pollen in the air. Don’t attempt to weed the garden or mow the lawn if you experience any spring time allergies. Weed pulling and lawn mowing can rake up dust, mold and pollen and can set off allergies in the spring. Instead, delegate these duties and stay indoors while they are carried out to help avoid an allergic reaction.

Wash yourself well after you come back home from outside to help remove all allergens from your clothes and skin. It is important to keep your home clean and pollen free if you suffer from allergies. Therefore, as soon as you return to your home, wash your skin, hair and clothes thoroughly to avoid polluting your home. Try and dry your clothes indoors as pollen may stick to clothes hanging outdoors. In addition, never allow your pets on the bed or the couch as pollen tends to cling to animal fur as well and can be harmful for you. Keep your doors and windows shut at night to keep pollen and other spring time pollutants from entering your home. In addition, you can help prevent springtime allergies by keeping the air in your home clean. You can do this by keeping the air in your home dry using a dehumidifier.


Submitted by A M on April 14, 2011 at 11:22


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