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Does positive thinking helps in treatment of cancer a lot?

(April 14, 2011)

When a person gets to know he or she is suffering from cancer, they will normally go through most of the psychological stages that is common place when somebody gets grave personal news. Initially the patient is likely to be in denial for a while and the patient is even likely to withdraw him or herself from social contacts. After a while, the patient will start to experience the stage of anger. This is normally the result of intense emotional pain and the desire to understand why this condition has affected him or her. Even though there is probably nothing that the patient could have done to stop the occurrence, he or she will tend to blame themselves for letting it occur.

Before the person finally reaches the fifth stage of the process which is acceptance, he or she is also going to experience brief stages of bargaining and depression.

Although it is hard to remain upbeat and cheerful when affected by cancer given the fact that there is no known guaranteed cure for the condition, recent studies have shown that maintaining a positive outlook and mentality is known to have a considerable effect on the kind of life you lead when suffering from cancer. Nobody can really make a patient think positively and the key is more in the individuals own personality. As a result, there is no guarantee that thinking positive is going to make things easier. It is a very personal choice that a person needs to make. Attempting to fake a positive outlook while the patient itself is not convinced will be more of a hindrance than a beneficial part of the treatment. A positive outlook is a very personal mentality and needs to be believed by the patient before the feelings will spread to any other individual. Once positive thinking has been established, the patient is able to lead a more full life. Suffering from a medical condition such as cancer allows a patient to be able to enjoy the finer things in life. Moreover, given the fact that the outcome of the condition is rather grim, once a patient has been able to develop a positive thinking mentality, he or she will usually start to enjoy their days much more than if they were to remain angry or depressed. If the condition were to spiral out of control and lead to fatal consequences, they can look back on the previous few years or months of their lives and know that they had enjoyed most of the time rather than being bitter and upset.

Submitted by R B on April 14, 2011 at 05:55


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