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Food Combining Diet

Can someone educate me on food combining diet? Sorry, But this may be a silly question, but would appreciate some help?
(June 13, 2008)

Food Combining Diet: Raw Food Diet, Low Carb Diet
Good digestion or optimal digestion of foods happens, then eaten in a particular combination. This is referred to as Food Combining Diet. Cereals and proteins are eaten separately, each in combination with vegetables. Fruits are preferred to be eaten alone. Cereals or starches are eaten with vegetables, as it blends well.

Alkaline pH is the pH of the stomach. In the case of proteins, this calls for an acidic pH. A combination of cereals and protein sources, calls for an acidic and alkaline medium. This results in improper absorption of both the nutrients. The proteins that are not digested properly result in putrefaction, thereby producing certain toxic substances. This causes improper digestion and other health problems.

At times, the diet is difficult to adhere to and takes a lot of time, as the favourite pairs, such as tofu and rice, tuna sandwiches, chicken and potatoes and beans with rice are not allowed. The non availability of starch and protein combination in the food combining diet results in excessive consumption of starch. This contributes to nutritional deficiencies. Adequate intake of certain nutrients such as vitamin D, cobalamine, protein, zinc and calcium are ensured. At times, combination of protein and starch is advantageous.

Fats and protein in the diet, when taken with starch results in slow carbohydrate absorption. This therefore results in a steady insulin and blood glucose. Proteins and fruits are eaten at different meals. Melons are eaten with no other food. Desserts after meal are heavy resulting in fermentation. The by products are acetic acid, vinegar and alcohol. A single kind of protein is recommended in each meal. Fats are eaten separately, as they require a long time for digestion. It has a lot of controversies and works well for a few, though there are no detrimental effects.

Submitted by E L on June 13, 2008 at 09:34


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