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Diet Food Plan

Hi, I am nelly, 20yrs I want to lead a healthy life. Can u suggest me any Diet Food Plan. Please revert with any help.
(January 4, 2011)

Creating a healthy diet plan isn’t as difficult as it seems. A healthy diet isn’t also about eating low-calorie foods, banning all your favorite goodies and concentrating on the calorie count of every bite. Eating healthy is often about making healthy food choices, changing your food habits a little at a time and just being more aware of what you’re putting in your mouth. You can make a healthy diet plan by reading up more about the different foods, walking through organic stores and the farmers’ markets and speaking with a nutritionist. Remember that eating healthy will make you feel fresh and energetic, and the right foods will nourish your body and keep you fit.

 What is a healthy diet plan? A healthy diet plan is about following some simple thumb rules and about choosing nutritious and fresh food. Here are some simple tips to get you started onto your own healthy diet food plan.

A small step: Start making small changes and tweaking your existing diet chart/eating pattern, instead of taking big leaps, which you won’t be able to sustain for a long time. Slowly and over a period of time, make more changes and give yourself enough time to get used to those changes. For instance, switch from butter to olive oil for cooking; add a glass of fresh fruit juice and maybe a simple salad to your meals; cut down on the amount of dessert you take or the mid-morning snacking you do, and substitute with a bowl of freshly-cut fruits.

Moderation: Do remember that like all things in life, moderation is the key to a healthy diet food plan. Eating right isn’t about cutting down on all the treats and just eating low-calorie foods. Your diet chart should include vitamins and minerals, fiber, protein, carbohydrates and fat – everything that your body needs to remain healthy. Instead of eliminating carbohydrates and fats completely, eat these in moderation, and also indulge in your favorite foods. Do not ban foods because then chances are that you’ll crave for those. Also, when we say practice moderation, use the same philosophy while serving yourself. Portion sizes have increased drastically and that leads to overeating. So, pay attention to the serving sizes.

How you eat: Just like what you eat is important, how you tuck into your food is also important. Instead of eating hurriedly, eating in front of the television or eating on the run and indulging in in-between-meal snacking, we suggest you take some time out to enjoy every meal. Chew your food several times, relish the tastes and textures, and if possible, eat with your family or friends. Also, listen to your body and stop for eating before you’re too full. It takes some time for the brain to instruct your body that you’ve had enough food.

Color coding: Food can also be visually appealing. So, to make your meals more nutrient-rich, choose a variety of foods – colorful fruits and vegetables, all sorts of grains, beans and legumes, and whole-grain breads and pasta. Healthy foods are the foundation of a healthy diet chart and good eating habits. Make sure that a lot of the food you choose is rich in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Healthy carbohydrates: Till now you’ve probably heard that carbohydrates are bad. Well, if you choose healthy ones and whole grains, then these will protect you against a host of diseases like heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers. Healthy carbohydrates are rich in fiber, antioxidants and phytochemicals. You can find healthy carbs in whole grains, beans, fruits and vegetables. Healthy diet food plans include plenty of plant fiber that you can get from vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Plant fiber can keep your digestive system in good shape.

Fats: Certain fats are good for your health. You can cook your healthy diet recipes with plant oils like olive, peanut and canola oil that are rich in monounsaturated fats. These fats are also found in avocados, seeds and nuts. Polyunsaturated fats are also good for your health and can be found in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in fatty fish like sardines, anchovies, mackerel, herring, salmon and a few cold water fish. Walnuts, flaxseed oil, soybean, corn and sunflower oil are also good sources of polyunsaturated fats. While making your healthy diet food chart plan, make sure that you don’t include too much of saturated fats, generally found in red meat and whole milk products as well as trans fats found in several processed foods, vegetable shortening, cookies, candies and snacks.

Protein perspective: A healthy diet menu and foods will also include different kinds of protein. Try to work in soy products, tofu, peas, seeds, nuts and beans into your meals.

The above mentioned food facts can be used effectively while planning a healthy diet chart for women, men, kids or for glowing skin, better health and pregnancy. These nourishing food habits and tips work well when you draw up a health diet plan for people who want to lose weight; for men and women who want to boost their energy levels; and for pregnant women, who’d like to eat healthy.

Note: If you want to create a diet food plan to lose weight fast, then make sure you exercise regularly and eat healthy.

A good way of staying healthy and making sure you eat nutritious home-cooked meals is making a diet food plan for a week, or even a month.

Diet and food plans for pregnant women: A healthy diet chart during pregnancy translates into a well-balanced meal that is rich in all the nutrients, and some more in iron and folic acid. You can include a variety of foods in your diet. Following are some of the foods you can work into your diet planner for better health during pregnancy.

• Milk and dairy products like cottage cheese, buttermilk, yogurt and skimmed milk. These are rich in vitamin B-12, calcium and essential amino acids.

• Cereals, legumes, beans and whole grains are great sources of proteins.

• Add fresh fruits and vegetables to your menu because these nourish the body with vitamins, minerals and fiber.

• You may also like to include leans meats, chicken, eggs and fish, all cooked well, into your diet.

• Do remember to keep yourself hydrated with water and fresh fruit juices. Always carry a bottle of water from home when you step out.

Submitted by S M on January 4, 2011 at 04:04


Useful Tips for Diet Food Preparation for Healthy Body
Diet food plan is a plan of a day's diet with healthy foods that helps in preventing any kind of complications. A number of free balanced diet plans are available. A deep insight into your requirement is essential. There are a few points which are considered, which form the basis of the failure of many diet food plans. About 30 per cent of the calories should be derived from complex carbohydrates. This helps in preventing weight gain and low levels of insulin. Vegetables, fruits, whole grains and cereals are preferred. Intake of simple carbohydrates in the form of pastries, bread, cookies and alcohol are not preferred. Fat free or low fat foods are preferred. This does not certify, eating the same in high quantities. The fat in these foods are replaced by sugar, thereby increasing the calories. The refined carbohydrates also result in storage of fat, due to excessive secretion of insulin.

About seventy five per cent overeating is attributed to emotional eating. Emotional stress and boredom increases the eating patter and makes it improper. Simple carbohydrates in breakfast increase the insulin secretion resulting in increased appetite. This results in weight gain. Appetite suppressors are those foods made of complex carbohydrates. These help in decreasing the hunger by keeping the insulin and blood glucose at bay. About six to eight hours of sleep is essential. Rest is important along with proper diet. Regular exercise helps in boosting the metabolism. A daily exercise of thirty to forty five minutes is important, along with diet. It also helps in expending more calories, thereby maintaining body weight. The food pyramid helps in picking up the right foods. The number of servings is adhered to. Additional servings are not recommended. Avoid eating out. Support of the family is necessary in following the diet food plan.
Submitted by E L on June 13, 2008 at 09:08


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