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Free Diet Food

Hi! I am Sarah, I looking for more information on Free Diet Food. Please let me know?
(June 13, 2008)

Nutritional Diet Plan

Are you referring to free foods? Foods or drinks that contribute to less than 20 calories are referred to as free foods. They also comprise of less than five grams of carbohydrates. Moderate intake of these foods is allowed. They find a great place in the diabetes exchange system.

The reduced calorie count fails to make it a constantly sort of source. Mineral or carbonated water, unsweetened tea or coffee (optional - sugar substitute), broth, bouillon, drink mixes, flavoured water, lemon juice, mustard, horse radish and vinegar.

Spices used for seasoning that fall under this category are herbs, pimento, Worcestershire sauce, flavoured extracts and hot pepper sauce. Foods under other category include gum, gelatin and salad greens. Certain free foods are consumed thrice a day. But, they are recommended in a uniformly distributed manner. Some of these are a tablespoon of fat free mayonnaise, margarine or ketchup, a tablespoon of cocoa powder, a piece of sugar free hard candy, half a  cup each of cucumber, cranberries or rhubarb and quarter cup of green bean, cauliflower or carrots are a few of them.

A number of diets permit these free foods as they can be consumed without any worry regarding the quantity and calories contributed. Certain free foods, such as vegetables and fruits help in heart health and against cancer. They are good for overall nutrition and are strongly recommended for much kind of ailments. Other foods that fall under this category are quarter cup of salsa, one and half teaspoons of miso, two tablespoons of sugar free syrup, a tablespoon of freshly grated parmesan cheese, three-fourth ounce of gherkin, a tablespoon of fat free margarine and a teaspoon of low fat margarine, a tablespoon of pickle relish, a tablespoon of soy sauce and two teaspoons of sweet chilli sauce.
Submitted by E L on June 13, 2008 at 07:39


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