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Vegan Diet Diabetes

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(June 12, 2008)

Vegan Diet Diabetes 

A person having a vegan diet is the one who consume fruits, vegetables, pulses and grains. They donor consume, meat, poultry, eggs and even diary products. Thus such individuals may be in the risk of developing B12 deficiency and hence may be given B12 supplements.

Person consuming vegan diet is better at managing type 2 diabetes. These individual doesn't require the need for medication for diabetes. This diet is useful for weight loss and lowering the cholesterol levels.

This diet can be helpful in reducing the LDL or bad cholesterol. The measures of blood glucose control are improved in people having a vegan diet. The blood glucose levels and lipid levels are maintained in the vegan diet. This diet provides more of monounsaturated fats thus improving the glucose levels. It provides fiber that can be useful in controlling the glucose levels. However the quality of protein is less in a vegan diet as good quality protein is present in animal foods. This can be rectified by providing combination foods so that the quality of protein is enhanced.

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