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Adolescent Diet Plan

(December 20, 2010)

Adolescent Diet Plan

Given the fact that obesity is one of the biggest problems all over the world today’s means that we should pay close attention to the kinds of foods we consume. Before delving into the various healthy diet plans it is important to understand and identify the root causes of the problem of obesity in the first place. A lot of the primary cause for obesity has to do with the fact that we do not pay close attention to the kinds of foods we consume on a regular basis. While it is alright to indulge in certain fatty foods once in a while, choosing to do so on a regular basis is a recipe for a disaster of a health status. Given the fact that most of us lead very hectic lifestyles, it is common to find ourselves relying on the convenience of fast food as a regular source of nutrition.

While there is no denying the fact that the hot dogs and hamburgers are rather tasty, they are also almost completely lacking in any of the essential nutrients, vitamins and chemicals that our body needs to perform optimally. Instead, they are crammed with a lot of empty calories that serve no purpose other than being converted into fat cells and stored in fatty tissue as soon as they are consumed. This combined with the complete lack of any physical activity that amounts to exercise that most of us are subject to, means that the weight continues to buildup slowly but gradually. Moreover, the fact that none of the conditions that are associated with obesity are actually very pronounced right up until they have been given the time to fully develop, means that the condition can, more often than not, be a silent killer. There are a number of medical problems that are associated with obesity such as in the case of respiratory tract illnesses, heart failure and cholesterol problems.

Because of the fact that the adolescent years are the most developmental years of an individuals life, ensuring that the person consumes the right kinds of foods is a very important aspect of making sure that he or she goes on to lead a healthy lifestyle. This period of growth is also considered to be one of the most challenging periods of human development and is amplified by a sudden burst in the velocity of growth. As a result of this sudden burst of growth, there is also a significant and rather sudden increase in the kinds of foods that the person consumes as well as an increasing importance in the benefits of the foods consumed.  Because of the fact that it is extremely important that one ensures that the child is being fed an appropriate adolescent diet plan, there are a number of them available on various websites on the internet. 

Statistics that show the importance of a good diet plan for adolescents are reflected in the fact that an adolescent grows about 20% in height and about 50% in weight during this period. The growth will span almost about 7 years during the puberty period and girls are known to start this growth process about 2 years earlier than boys, under normal circumstances.

You can also always get a hold of the various food pyramids to get a better understanding of the various diet charts for adolescence and the foods that are considered to be the most beneficial. When following any kind of adolescent diet plan, there are a few basic rules that one can follow that should fit in perfectly with any kind of diet plan that you are following. Make it a point to ensure that you consume at least three meals a day, along with a littering of healthy snacks throughout the course of the day. It also helps to be aware of the fact that an individuals metabolism is also very high during the adolescent years – meaning that most of what you consume will be broken down rather rapidly and used by the body to complete other tasks. Also make it a point to drinks as much water as possible right through this period as it will help stabilize certain substances within the body. Given the fact that the individual is also likely to put on his or her fair share of weight during this time, it is also important to ensure that the concerned adolescent is keeping an eye on the amount of fats that he or she is consuming on a daily basis. Baking and boiling are always much healthier options when it comes to preparing any kind of adolescent meal plan.

One of the most effective adolescent meal plans is to consume a glass of milk early in the morning, while making sure to avoid consumption of coffee or tea that could potentially interfere with the body’s ability to consume calcium. The breakfast should comprise of either a sandwich that primarily consists of raw vegetables and brown bread as or simply a single bowl of scrambled egg and 2 toasted slices of bread. Brunch can consist of a single fruit such as an apple or papaya while lunch can be prepared with a bowl of soup, a couple of wheat pancakes, a preparation of assorted pulses, a small bowl of yogurt and a vegetable preparation. Any hunger pangs around early evening can be dealt with by a couple of dry crackers and a glass of fruit juice while a late evening snack should be limited to a light pasta with dressing. Dinner can comprise of a bowl of rice as well as a cup of yogurt and a single slice of sponge cake. While all of this may seem to be rather light consumption of food, the diet meal plan for adolescents ensures that the body is provided with the amount of food that is considered to be optimum for growth and ensure that the child grows in the best of health.

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