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What Vitamin Is Good For Energy?

(December 13, 2010)

What vitamin is good for energy?

It is a well known fact that vitamins and minerals are essential for the proper functioning of the body. There are several bodily functions that are regulated, controlled and enhanced by certain vitamins. There are thirteen different vitamins and each one has a different effect on human health. The deficiency of one or more vitamins in the body could lead to several health complications, as well as certain unfavorable symptoms, such as fatigue and lethargy. In order to avoid suffering from such problems, it is necessary to increase the intake of certain vitamins for energy.

While some of the other vitamins may also help increase energy to some extent, the most important vitamin for energy is the B complex Vitamin.

What vitamin is good for energy in men?

There are several health experts who advise men to boost their consumption of certain vitamins, especially if they are keen on increasing their levels of energy. Given below are some of the most common energy vitamins, suitable for men, along with their sources:

• Vitamin A: This Vitamin is important for men, since it boosts the immune system and promotes the growth and development of various body cells. Men tend to feel energized, when the immune system functions normally. Therefore, men should consume milk, papaya, cantaloupe, eggs and peaches, for Vitamin A.
• Vitamin B3: Men who have cholesterol problems are bound to feel less energized. A high consumption of Vitamin B3 reduces the levels of cholesterol in the body and turns food into energy. Foods like chicken, fish and certain cereals are high in this vitamin and therefore, are great sources of energy for men.
• Vitamin B5: This vitamin helps men to store the energy in their body. Foods like soybean, eggs, sunflower seeds, yeast and poultry are therefore good energy preservers.
• Vitamin B6: In order to covert protein into energy, men require Vitamin B6, which can be found in spinach, fish, cereals, nuts and poultry.

What vitamin is good for energy in women?

Women lead hectic lifestyles in today’s world and therefore they need to ensure that they receive an adequate amount of vitamins which can help boost their energy. Some of the best vitamins for energy for women are:

• Vitamin B1: Also referred to as Thiamin, this vitamin is essential for the production of cellular energy, as it converts carbs into energy. Vitamin B1 is found in fish, grains and lean meat.
• Vitamin B2: High levels of Vitamin B2 in a person’s body can help boost metabolism. It also converts carbs and fats into energy. Hence women should consume green leafy veggies, dairy products, nuts and lean meat to increase metabolism and energy
• Vitamin B12: This nutrient is required by the body, for metabolizing carbs and fats and for creating protein, boosting the levels of energy in the process. Eggs and dairy products are high in Vitamin B12 and are good for energy.

What vitamin is good for energy in children?

Since most children lead hectic and active lifestyles, they require a lot of energy and stamina to keep going throughout the day. It is quite common to see parents increase the child’s intake of Vitamin C, to strengthen the immune system and boost energy. However, there are several other vitamins that can help increase a child’s energy. Therefore, it is best to consult a pediatrician about what vitamins are good for energy in children.

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