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1800 Calorie Vegetarian Meal Plan

Submitted by Nick on November 8, 2011

The diet of an individual determines many important factors associated with the health of the individual. The diet determines what quality and combination of nutrients enter the individual’s body. With this being the case, it is easy to understand that the diet plays a crucial role in the overall health of a person. The human body is a complex combination of various organs and body systems. In order to properly feed these, you would need a varied diet that covers all the essential food groups like proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

The quantity of food required by the body then becomes an important determining factor when it comes to how much the individual’s body needs. By setting a calorie requirement, you can adjust the intake of food accordingly. The calorie requirement of the body is a function of the height of the individual as well as his or her normal level of physical activity.

Individuals who exercise may be able to consume more calories than those who lead a lazy or sedentary lifestyle. You can also try 1600 calorie vegetarian meal plan

Tips On Planning 1800 Calorie Vegetarian Meal

When we consider an 1800 calorie vegetarian meal plan it is important to focus on a few things. As the 1800 calorie vegetarian meal plan does not include any meat or meat products, the 1800 calorie vegetarian meal plan must contain plenty of substitutes that would provide the body with sufficient protein, calcium, vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acid.

These are nutrients that would normally be available from meat based sources. However, there is no need to panic; it is perfectly easy to substitute these foods with other items that would provide the body with good nutrition. An 1800 calorie vegetarian meal plan for women with an active lifestyle may offer very little calories.

If you’re vegan, it’s advisable to use soy milk in place of cow's milk and yogurt and soy cheese in your menu plan. It’s even better if you could use calcium fortified soy milk so as to guarantee sufficient calcium intake in your body. Read tips on planning 1000 calorie vegan meal


Normally, the diet is split up into three large meals with a snack or two thrown in. You may consume three meals of 500 calories each with a total of 300 calories left for snacking. The 1800 calorie vegetarian diet menu can thus be planned in such a way. The breakfast component of the meal focuses heavily on fresh fruits. These provide the body with a boost of vitamins while also filling your stomach up and providing sugar which works as an energy source for the body. Fresh fruits like apples, bananas, pineapples and oranges can be used on different days of the week or in various combinations of two or three fruits for each meal. You can also make a juice mixture of all these to provide the body with an easy to consume meal. This 1800 calorie vegan menu is particularly useful for those on a tight schedule. Try this perfect diet for weight loss people a 1200 calorie vegan meal


The lunch component of the 1800 calorie vegetarian meal plan includes various salad options that can be prepared with fresh vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, capsicum and olives. Fresh salad leaves can also be mixed with whole grain pasta to provide more bulk to the meal. The dressing for the salad is crucial as most people tend to end up consuming fat in this component of the meal. The dressing must be made using olive oil and other health nutrients.


Finally, the dinner aspect of the meal features various different meals that can contain some rice and a collection of lentils and pulses. You may also exchange this meal with lunch depending on the time available as well on the preferences of the individual. Greens and beans can be added liberally to such a meal. When we speak of an 1800 calorie vegan meal plan, it is only necessary to replace any dairy products with non dairy options. In any case, the 1800 calorie vegetarian meal plan does not contain too much dairy in it. This makes it fairly easy to adapt the diet to the restrictions imposed by those who are on a vegan diet.

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