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Lean Body Shakes for Women

Submitted by Keith on July 13, 2011

Most women know that the need to include protein in their diet, but what they would love to know is how to avoid the calories that protein shakes have. For any fitness enthusiasts or female athletes, protein is necessary for building muscle strength and composition. Protein shakes are associated with high calories, and to be honest, most of them are. A protein shake has to in reality be high in protein. To lose weight you need to consume special lean protein shakes for women.

By doing this you are consuming fewer calories, thereby losing weight and fueling your body for a good workout.

There are many lean body shakes or lean protein shakes for women that are available in the market; you will find these tagged as “lean body shakes for her” or “slim body shakes for females”. These high protein lean body shakes for women are usually meal replacements that provide you with the necessary nutritional support to burn fat and build muscle.

Various factors such as lean body mass, body weight and metabolic factors help decide the protein amount that one can consume in one meal. Typically, the larger the woman is, the more protein that woman will need in her diet. Weight loss or meal replacement shakes should be consumed only after consulting with a dietician or nutritional expert.
Homemade weight loss shakes for women are a good option for those who do not like the idea of buying “slimming shakes for women” over the counter.

You can prepare your shakes right from scratch from the comfort of your kitchen. Here are some tips to make some healthy weight loss shakes for women at home:

  • If you are making a protein shake, make sure you get protein powder of a good quality. You could go in for whey or some other options such as egg white, rice protein, and soy.
  • Choose your liquid keeping in mind the number of calories you want to get.

    You can go in for juice, water, milk, or combine any of these. Some alternative choices include almond, rice, soy, goat milk, and hemp.
  • For those looking for a slimming diet for women, adding fruit to the shake is a good idea. Fruit contains fiber that gives you a feeling of being full and also slows down digestion. All this means less calories consumed during the day.
  • You could add some coconut oil. The healthy fats in the oil help give a boost to your body’s metabolism and help you burn fat faster.
  • Adding yoghurt to your homemade weight loss shakes for women will mean more protein. Yoghurt contains calcium that helps facilitate weight loss and gives your shake more thickness and consistency.

Healthy weight loss shakes for women have many advantages. One big advantage is that they are practical either while on the go or when at work. Therefore, if possible keep a jar or protein powder or meal replacement shake at your desk. They save you the bother of thinking about food during the day. The calories in these shakes are already counted and you can decide how many calories you need.

However, if you have the option of a tuna sandwich or a chicken salad, it is better that you go in for these options. If you plan going in for a meal replacement, restrict yourself to shakes as protein bars and meal replacements tend to be quite high in sugar. If you prefer to pick your shakes off the shelf make sure you know what its contents are. It could be possible that your protein shake is high in fat, high in sugar, high in calories or high in cholesterol. There is a possibility that it is high in animal protein, which is difficult for your body to break down.

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