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Starvation Is Not The Key To Weightloss

April 25, 2011
Weight loss is a difficult process. When you want to lose excess weight you need to take into account several factors before you put yourself on a diet. Weight loss involves converting some of the fat in your body, which is used to store energy, into useful energy. This breaks down the fat and makes you lose some excess weight. In theory, eating less will help you lose weight.

However, there is significant evidence to the contrary.

Primarily, your body’s rate of metabolism will determine how much weight you gain or lose. If you stop eating altogether, your body will slow its rate of metabolism. This means that the fat that you expect to lose will be lost much slower than normal, as your body is conserving energy.

By restricting your diet or cutting off certain food groups, you may lose weight but this weight will be lost in the form of body muscle and not in the form of fat. This is particularly harmful because you will end up with a higher percentage of body fat as your body weight falls.

Because your body begins to slow its rate of metabolism, you will ultimately gain weight after a starvation diet.

This is because your body becomes efficient in converting food to energy. The efficiency is derived from necessity. It is necessary for your body to use the food or fat efficiently as it is in short supply when you are starving yourself.

If you are practicing starvation by avoiding one of your daily meals, this is even worse. What will happen is that you will slow your rate of metabolism. At the same time, your hunger will probably make you eat more at your next meal. This will lead to eventual weight gain. The right pathway to weight loss is through lifestyle changes and exercise.

When you wish to diet, try and do so by removing fatty and heavy foods from your diet. Do not remove all foods. Replace your heavy meats and oily foods with fruits and vegetables. These will be alternate sources for carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins and minerals for your body. Because fruits and vegetables are healthier, you will get this nutrition without that much fat content. In order to lose weight you will also need to improve your rate of metabolism. Try and exercise slowly and continuously in order to lose weight. Regular meals, exercise and healthy living will see you shed unnecessary weight quickly.
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