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Foods to Avoid For Neuritis Treatment

April 19, 2011
Neuritis is a problem that is concerned with the nerves. There is an irritation caused due to the nerves getting inflamed, which in turn affects the normal functioning of the nerves. Some of the symptom of neuritis could include temporary paralysis of the face, pain in the affected areas, and a burning and tingling sensation of the affected nerves. 

When you have this problem it is best that you avoid certain foods which aggravate the symptoms. On the other hand there are some foods that are ideal for you to eat. Avoiding alcohol could be good for you as it will help prevent your nerves form deteriorating further.

Refined products such as refined sugar and white bread generally add to the symptoms of neuritis and should be avoided. If you are looking for a speedy recovery from neuritis it makes sense staying away from aerated drinks, canned foods, coffee and products that contain caffeine. 

In addition to avoiding certain food there are a number of home remedies that could help in the treatment of this problem. Soya bean milk is extremely beneficial.

Simply mix a teaspoon of honey in a cup of soya milk and drink this while going to bed. This mixture will help calm and tone your nervous system.

Carrots and spinach can help as well.

So go ahead and drink half a liter of these juices daily. Orange flowers can help treat this problem as well. Orange flowers that are fresh, when consumed with honey, can work as an effective treatment to cure neuritis. 

A brew prepared from barley can be extremely helpful as well.

Two quarters of barley and one quarter of water should be boiled till the mixture reduces to one quarter. Carefully strain this mixture and drink it.

A hot Epsom-salt bath should be given to the patient twice or thrice a week. At least half an hour should be spent in the bath for maximum results. Hot water should be used to bathe the affected parts a number of times daily. Epsom-salt should be added to this water as well. This should be in the proportion of one table spoon of salt to a cup of water.
Using painkilling drugs can provide some temporary relief, but it does not take care of the problem in its totality. This medication may affect other parts of the body such as your kidneys and your heart. One effective way to tackle this problem would be to consume a nutritious and well-balanced diet.
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