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Lip Blisters Healing Diet

April 19, 2011
A blister is something that appears in the top layer of the skin. It is a small growth which contains a clear liquid in it. Blisters can occur due to burning, freezing, infection or excessive rubbing. Rubbing blisters are common on feet in people who use footwear that causes the feet to rub against the surface of the footwear.

A blister on the lip may be caused by infection or by freezing, particularly in wintry weather.

Often, our lips tend to get chapped when the atmospheric humidity is low. This happens particularly in places that are far away from natural water bodies and also in cold weather.
When we have chapped lips, the skin tends to crack.

This is when the lip is most susceptible to forming blisters. Blisters are also a result of poor eating habits.

Modern diets contain lots of refined and processed foods. Foods that are ready-to-eat tend to contain lots of preservatives and often lack some vitamins and minerals that one would find in the organic versions of the same food.

Such type of processed food tends to reduce the immunity of an individual and leaves the individual susceptible to viral infections. A lip blister can be a symptom of a viral infection.

You can replenish your body with certain minerals and vitamins to help it fight a lip blister. Any fruit juice can be consumed by the individual.

Fruit juices that are high in vitamin B and C are recommended. Lemon juice is an example of this. Grape fruit juice is also recommended.
There are certain seeds that are highly nutritious. Corn is a good example of this. Always drink plenty of fluids and clear liquids. You can use a warm compress on the boil to encourage it to expand and burst. Once the boil has burst, you can apply a mixture of turmeric power in water on to the burst blister. Be careful to make this paste with an amount of turmeric that would not cause excessive discomfort.

Excessively concentrated turmeric paste will cause a severe burning sensation over the area. If this is the case, wash with water.
To prevent blisters from forming you can reduce the amount of nuts and chocolate that you eat. Chocolate is noted as one of the things that teenagers suffering from acne should avoid and this is the case with lip blisters as well.

Once the blister has burst, apply a cold compress on it to prevent the bacteria in the wound from growing into a new blister or infecting the surrounding area.
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