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Calories In Oats

Submitted by Nick on February 24, 2011

Oats is one of the best sources of an ingredient which maintains the level of blood cholesterol and keeps it in check. Fat is relieved with cooked oats from the body while stress is reduced with unrefined oats. The risk of heart disease is greatly reduced if oats are consumed regularly. However, it would be better if there is no sugar added to it and it is had with skimmed milk. Oats also have plant chemicals in it which are known to prevent cancer.

Calories in oats:
Calories in oats of around 234 grams which is a cup full of cooked oats are around 150. This would be without adding any salt, sugar or milk to it. Oats is a rich source of vitamin B, magnesium, potassium and calcium. These nutrients are essential for the nervous system and relieve symptoms of depression.

Oats helps the digestive system in functioning well because of the fiber content which is high in it and is known to prevent bower cancer and constipation.  Along with a high protein content oats is also a good source of iron, copper, zinc and vitamin E. Because of the soluble fiber content eating oats keeps one from feeling hungry for longer periods and this is good for those who want to loose weight.  Diabetics benefit from eating oats regularly as it prevents many of the diabetes related complications.

Calories in rolled oats:
Calories in rolled oats are low while it is a rich source of dense carbohydrates which improve the digestive system.

One of its essential functions is to stabilize the levels of blood glucose and also that of blood pressure by ensuring that the cholesterol is kept under check.  Oats are a boon to weight watchers as the metabolic rate is enhanced and one feels full for longer.

Rolled oats can be added to many dishes to enhance their nutritional value with the fiber and antioxidants which they contain. Apart from being beneficial to health oats also delay the aging process and nourish the hair and give you a glowing skin.

Post menopausal women benefit from eating oats regularly as the risk of cardio vascular diseases and type 2 diabetes is lowered. 

Calories steel cut oats:
Calories in steel cut oats and any other oats differ only slightly. This varies according to the way the oats are processed but the bulk of the features remain the same. The basic number of calories in oats is around 150 to a cup of cooked oats.

Weight loss oats
Weight loss oats is the term which can be given to oats as it helps to maintain the metabolism and as it is soothing for the nerves helps one to maintain a cheerful outlook even while trying to loose weight. Stress makes it difficult to remain on any weight loss diet and oats relieves this mental state and makes it easier to loose weight.

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