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Submitted by Nick on February 3, 2011


Cooking is not as difficult as many cookery shows and books seem to want you to think they are. It is an easy way to ensure that your family gets the correct nutrition and enough fiber through home cooked food. It is also easy enough for you to be able to cook fast and efficiently and still enjoy the process.

To cook, you need to follow recipes. But while that might sound intimidating, recipes are a set of easy instructions with a list of ingredients. Often if you follow the recipes correctly every single time, you are bound to get the same result every time, which is very encouraging.

Recipes can be made to suit every difficulty level and every kind of eating.

There are easy recipes, healthy recipes and quick recipes. There are even recipes that can be found for different types of dietary habits, like vegetarian recipes, vegan recipes, low fat recipes or gluten-free recipes.

Let’s see some interesting low fat recipes. This is the recipe of a low fat dip that can also be used as a sandwich spread.
• 1 cup Greek yoghurt
• 1 bunch fresh herbs like basil, oregano and mint
• 2 small scallions, chopped
• 1 pod garlic, minced (optional)
• Salt and pepper to taste

Tear the herbs and add them, along with the chopped scallions and minced garlic to the yogurt. Season and chill, before serving.

Cooking, especially with recipes, can be fun in the kitchen.

You can involve your kids as it is an activity where you have a fixed number of ingredients and different chronology of steps. Different responsibilities can be allocated to children allowing them to learn the art of cooking and the skill of taking on a job.

There are some recipes designed for kids.

These are specific recipes kids can make. It is a good way to get your child interested in cooking and it is also an activity you and your kid can do together. Let’s look at some kid-friendly recipes.

Something easy your child can do while cooking and will have fun doing is frosting for all manner of cookies and cupcakes.  Make a basic sugar cookie and create different colored frosting for your child and his friends to try their hand at.

While the kitchen might look like a mess later, your kids will have had a lot of fun. Making these cookies and decorating them can also be a nice activity to do around the holidays.
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