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Make Your Own Healthy Fast Foods

Submitted by Serena Mason on July 13, 2010

Fast Food Nutrition Facts: Fast food is a term associated with foods or meals that are prepared and served very quickly. This is usually served in restaurants. Eating fast food is a way of life for many people for a number of reasons. Fast foods are widely and easily found at every nook or corner of a town, easy access and quick and tasty foods is what attracts people of every walk of life. But the downside to this is we never know the quality of ingredients used and the health risks involved.

It is important to understand fast food nutrition as fast foods are very high in calories, unhealthy fats, and processed ingredients.

There are a lot of ways to make your own healthy fast foods at home. One fast food meal usually contains more calories, fats or sodium than what is required for an entire day.

Therefore, it is very important that you are well informed about the choices you make before eating fast foods. By making these fast foods at home you can monitor the quality of ingredients and the amount of oil to be used while cooking. Having a good quality meal is of the utmost importance.

If you are well informed, you can also make healthy choices of foods even when you eat at fast food restaurants. You can check out the guidelines regarding the nutritional levels of meals that are served in a restaurant. Choosing a restaurant that focuses on natural and high quality foods is the best option.

Making you own healthy fast food is very easy and all you need is to keep a few things in mind while preparing the meal.

If you are making a pizza then try to use a reduced fat cheese or lean meat toppings, reduced fat pepperoni, and so on. Add a lot of fresh vegetables that are not deep fried. Since you will be making the dough at home, you can add more whole-wheat flour to it as refined white flour is not a healthy option. While making a hamburger at home you can avoid using mayonnaise based sauces and use more of BBQ or teriyaki or chili sauce to make your burger juicier. Buy fresh, lean, good quality meat. Add a lot of fresh vegetable fillers like lettuce, tomato or onions. Use reduced fat cheese as well as a whole grain bun. If you are making sandwiches, use whole wheat bread, skinless grilled chicken and bake or barbeque the meat. Use sandwich spreads that are low in calories, fats, and sodium. These are a few examples as to how you need to go about making your own healthy fast foods.
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