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Diet for Fighting Holiday Blues

Submitted by Elizabeth on July 6, 2010

When we talk of holidays, it is traditionally associated with moments of friendly feelings. But, there are times when the holidays can be stressful or depressing for many. Holiday blues is a term that can be defined as a feeling of detachment which could be due to adrenal fatigue. It is related to stress and anxiety triggered by stressors commonly coupled with winter festivals. You tend to become weary, apathetic, and dejected as these blues set in. This feeling distracts you from your usual responsibilities, while at the same time it can cause severe depression.
Eating healthy food and drinking healthy beverages helps prevent illness and improves your state of mind.

One should stick to healthy habits, and get enough rest and sleep to fight holiday blues. Here are a few diet tips which will help alleviate the depression and allow you to enjoy your holiday season once more.
  • You must include leafy green vegetables and fruits as they contain antioxidants which scavenge for free radicals.
  • You must include omega III fatty acids like fish oils in your diet to provide essential fatty acids required for normal neural functioning, thus maintaining your mood levels.
  • You must also look for a nutritional supplement like a good multivitamin as it maintains normal metabolic functioning. Multivitamins also supplement any nutrient deficiency in your diet and boosts your immune system.
  • You must consume lots of vitamin B complex containing food as it maintains healthy levels of serotonin, thus increasing your energy levels.
  • You must use natural herbal products like adaptogens which increase the body’s resistance to stress and fatigue.
  • You must avoid fad diets to stay fit as well as to avoid the feelings of weariness and lethargy accompanied by them.

    You must consume sugary products in moderate amounts as it will set your mood right.
  • You must avoid drinking too much alcohol as it is a depressant that adversely affects your mood levels.
  • You must sleep well to reset your biological clock. It also decreases your cortisol levels; elevated levels of this contribute to adrenal fatigue.
Apart from a healthy diet and good sleep, get some exercise and meditate as it helps medicating the effects. Regular exercise will help reduce stress by increasing the brain hormone levels that regulate mood swings.

It is important that you think positive and start socializing with your close ones as it will help you do away with a great deal of the holiday blues. You must keep your holiday season light and change your attitude towards it as it will make you feel better about the holiday season.

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