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Toothache Healing Diet

Submitted by Loring A. Windblad on March 19, 2010

Soft Foods For Treating Toothache

Toothache can be very painful and debilitating. It hampers everyday activity and can cause severe discomfort while eating or even while talking. Toothache may be accompanied by symptoms like headache and severe inflammation. Often, toothache becomes severe on account of neglect. It is absolutely essential to get evaluated by your dentist periodically to monitor your dental health.

Common dental problems like cavities tend to become worse when neglected and result in severe toothache. It is thus advisable to visit the dentist periodically to prevent toothache and other severe dental problems. Toothache is also commonly caused by a lack of dental hygiene.

A lack of dental hygiene can easily be rectified with a proper teeth care regiment.

This includes flossing and brushing teeth regularly to avoid tooth decay and cavities. It is important to brush at least twice a day to prevent the accumulation of food and bacteria in the teeth.

An unhealthy diet also contributes to poor dental health. For instance, eating excessive amounts of flours and sugars and candies and beverages with a high sugar content can lead to tooth decay and cavities and consequently, toothache. When you are suffering from toothache, you tend to be sensitive to the temperature of food.

For instance, food that is very hot or very cold may aggravate toothache. You should thus consume food at a moderate temperature to avoid aggravating your toothache. Liquids like soup broth, tea and lemon water at a lukewarm temperature may be soothing for toothache. In addition, foods that are difficult to chew may also aggravate toothache. Therefore, you should avoid eating tough meat and vegetables and fruits that have a very high fiber content. These foods are very tough to chew and may aggravate your toothache. You should stick to a soft diet that is easy on your teeth and stomach. Cornflakes and milk is an ideal choice of soft food when you are suffering from toothache.

Avoid eating foods that are excessively sour, spicy or sweet as this may aggravate your toothache. Garlic is greatly beneficial in the treatment of toothache. You should thus include garlic in your everyday diet to help treat toothache. Onion is also very beneficial in the treatment of toothache. Chewing on a raw onion will help relieve toothache effectively. Foods that contain vitamin C are also very effective in maintaining dental health. Ensure that you increase your consumption of foods containing vitamin C to help maintain healthy teeth and prevent toothache.

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