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Restrict Calories, Increase Lifespan | Make Just Right Calorie Choices

Submitted by Loring A. Windblad on February 24, 2010

Burn Or Reduce Calories - The Purpose Is To Assure Better Lifespan

Calories are the biggest concern when one wants to lose weight or stay healthy. Losing calories is a sure way to maintain good health and avoid health disorders in the later stages of life. Only burning calories is not sufficient, one also has to take care that the calories should be controlled through intake of food. One must also remember that calories are not unwanted, the human body needs calories but in limited amounts. Extra calories can lead to problems but no calories can lead to deficiencies.

There are certain small and simple ways to restrict calories.

The very best way to reduce calories is by burning them. This you can do by just following an exercise regime.

A regular exercising routine is always the best way to reduce calories and stay fit. Exercising will not only help lose calories but is also essential for a total body health. Exercising relaxes and strengthens the body and also reduces stress.

Minimum 30 minutes of daily exercise is essential to see positive changes in weight and will help maximum calories.

Only exercising will just burn the calories but it will not help in keeping a control on calories. Control the intake of calories by making the right food choices.

Stop drinking soda’s and other sugar containing soft drinks. Increase the intake of water. Try green tea. It is a calorie burning drink. Studies about green tea reveal that drinking five to six cups of green tea can burn almost 70 calories daily. Green tea not only burns calories but it is also rich in antioxidants and hence helps against heart diseases.

While eating make, make choices carefully. Choose food which is lower in calories. If a certain ingredient has a lot of calories, look for a substitute with lesser calories. Instead of eating fried or breaded food which contains lot of fat and calories, go for steamed or grilled food. Use olive oil, it has healthy fats. Avoid beef, instead choose fish and chicken. Fruits have very low calories. Some fruits like celery, watermelon and cucumber burn more calories during consumption that the amount of calories they contain. One more advantage is that they contain a lot of water which is good for the body.

Lastly, do not keep on counting calories each time you pick up something to eat. Restricting calories does not need so much of calculation. All one needs is regular exercising and some smart choices in selecting food.

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