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Fats Make You Feel So Full

Submitted by Serena Mason on February 23, 2010

Ways To Lose Weight Effectively

People around the world are struggling to lose weight by following low fat diets and are still failing. Statistics have shown as that those people who follow these diets and lose weight, tend to put it back within the period of a year. It can actually be said that people are also overweight as they are not eating adequate quantities of fat. This is because the body requires a certain amount of fatty acids for optimal functioning.

Low-fat diets do not work on a permanent basis. Research has indicated that those who get the necessary quantity of fat included in the diet generally tend to eat less than others who are trying to try to completely eliminate their fat intake.

Instead of tying to avoid all foods that belong to a certain nutritional group, it would be better to follow a low-calorie but yet balanced diet. Getting an adequate amount of fat in one’s diet is necessary for a permanent and effective weight loss.

When people feel hungry right after a meal, they automatically overeat during the next meal.

One of the main reasons for fat being required for successful weight loss is because it satisfies the hunger one feels, thus reducing one’s appetite and correspondingly lessening the total food consumption. Fat tends to slow down the emptying process of the stomach hence one automatically feel’s fuller for longer. Therefore a meal that contains the necessary amount of healthy fats will actually prevent binging as it keeps the individual satiated for longer.

In spite of fat containing greater amounts of calories than proteins or carbohydrates, its result on curbing one’s appetite tends to more than make up for the additional calories it has.

The appetite suppressing effect that fat contains is known to have has been indicated in many studies. While it is known that all fats help suppress appetite, some fats are considered much better than others as they aid in weight loss. Coconut oil is considered very effective in helping reduce body fat and thus helps to lower weight.

This is primarily as it has lesser calories than other fats. Coconut oil also has an advantage mainly because of its effect on metabolism and is hence used in weight management. However, this oil is not suitable for deep frying as it tends to be unstable when subjected to high temperatures. Olive oil is preferred for frying purposes as it can withstand higher temperatures. 

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