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Curative Properties Of Drumsticks

Submitted by Loring A. Windblad on December 14, 2010

Drumsticks benefits

Drumsticks are common vegetables that are found in certain parts of Asia. This vegetable is highly valued, mainly for its antibacterial, medicinal and cleansing properties. In fact almost every part of the drumstick plant has some therapeutic value or the other. People are known to use the roots, bark, flower, fruits, seeds, leaves and even the gum derived from the drumstick plant in various home remedies and cures. There are several drumsticks health benefits, that people should be made aware off, in order to get faster relief from many health related conditions.

Given below are some of the most common drumsticks benefits:

• The root of the drumsticks plant should be boiled in water, which should be inhaled deeply, to clear the nasal passages and get rid of the mucus blocking it.
• A decoction made from the bark of drumsticks and honey can help get rid of worm infestations
• Almost every part of the drumstick tree can help treat an abscess which does not have pus. In order to relieve the condition, it is possible to drink the bark decoction, apply the leaves topically or just eat the fruit.

This is one of the most important drumsticks benefits.
• A paste should be made using the root of the drumstick plant which can be applied to the skin, for relief from severe itching.
• A person can get relief from non-bleeding piles by soaking in a bath tub, into which a decoction of drumsticks bark has been poured.

• Consuming different parts of the drumstick tree can help in increasing overall body resistance.

Drumsticks benefits leaves

The leaves of the drumstick are as nutritional as the pod, since they are very high in iron, Vitamin C, phosphorus, calcium and carotene. Since the leaves also contain medicinal properties, they are used in the treatment of several ailments and health problems.

Other drumstick benefits from the leaves of the plant include:

• Helping during lactation and pregnancy
• Acting as a tonic for growing children
• Curing skin, throat and chest infections
• Treating sexual disorders in both men and women
• Getting rid of digestive disorders as well as urinary problems
• Improving skin tone and acting as a beauty enhancer
• Reducing the pain and discomfort caused by stomach ulcers and mouth ulcers, helping them to heal faster

In some parts of the world, drumsticks important benefits include treating rheumatism, ascites and venomous bites. People even consume drumsticks pod soup on a regular basis, for treating leprosy, nerve debility, pustules, articular pains, paralysis and enlarged liver or spleen. However, all these conditions are very serious and require medical intervention without any delay. Hence, while drumsticks benefits can be used to cure severe health conditions faster, they should not be used in place of a proper medical treatment.

In spite off all the drumsticks benefits mentioned above, an excess in consumption of this vegetable and other plant parts can be quite harmful. Therefore, it is best to talk to a doctor or a dietician before adding any amount of drumsticks to a regular diet.

Drumsticks Health Benefits And Edibility Information

The drumstick is a vegetable that is commonly available in India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Grown as a backyard tree in most homes, the drumstick tree has small white flowers, small and round leaves and drumstick like pods. Known to have several curative properties due to its antibacterial and cleansing properties, the drumstick is also cooked and eaten as a vegetable. Drumsticks are a very good source of calcium, vitamin C, phosphorus and carotene. Even the flowers and leaves are used in everyday cooking for the high levels of nutrients in them.

The juice extracted from the leaves of the drumstick tree is iron rich and is used as a tonic for young children. The juice mixed in milk helps in purifying blood and growing healthy and strong bones. Even pregnant women can have the tonic as it provides the essential calcium, iron and vitamins, which helps beat lethargy, eases the birthing process and decreases post birth complications. 

Various Ways To Use Drumsticks

Lactating women can have the leaves - boiled in salted water, drained and smeared with some clarified butter - for increased breast milk. A soup made by boiling a tablespoon of leaves in 2 cups of water with salt, crushed black pepper and a few drops of lime juice helps treat several respiratory diseases like asthma, tuberculosis and bronchitis. The antibacterial properties of drumstick soup made by boiling leaves, flowers and drumsticks helps in treating minor infections of the throat, lungs and skin.

Drumstick flowers boiled in milk can be had as an energizer and is said to treat sexual debility. The powder of the dry bark of the drumstick tree is helpful in treating various sexual disorders. A teaspoon of fresh drumstick leaf juice with honey and a pint of tender coconut water is an herbal medicine to treat diarrhea, colitis or jaundice along with other digestive disorders.

Urinary tract infections can be treated by mixing a tablespoon of fresh drumstick leaf juice with a pint of carrot or cucumber juice and a pinch of rock salt. Pimples, acne, and black heads can be treated easily by applying fresh drumstick leaves juice with a few drops of limejuice to the affected areas.

As seen above, almost every part of the tree is edible and beneficial to health. Roots, leaves and flowers are used to treat various types of tumors. Juice from the roots is also a counter-irritant. Leaves help in healing sores when used as a poultice, relieve headaches and have purgative properties.

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